Debate Questions Republican
Presidential Candidates Must Answer


St. Louis, MO: Phyllis Schlafly, conservative icon and Chairman of Eagle Forum, would like to submit three vital questions that any candidate seeking the Republican nomination for President must answer for the American voters.

“The issues facing us in this election cycle are unlike any our country has seen before,” said Phyllis Schlafly. “In the midst of a very large field of candidates vying for the Republican nomination, I think it is very important for the candidates to speak to certain issues that are at the forefront of American voters’ conversations. At the first official Republican debate tomorrow evening, I would like to propose that the following three questions be asked of every candidate:

“As President of the United States, would you:

  1. Support and assist the effort to completely defund Planned Parenthood?
  2. Oppose Common Core and other federal educational overreaches by any name and support parents’ right to opt their children out of Common Core testing?
  3. Commit to securing the border, decreasing the number of legal immigrants and foreign workers coming into the United States, and deporting illegal immigrants?”