Phyllis Schlafly Joins Convention Opening,
Continues Prep for Life of the Party

Cleveland, OH: Phyllis Schlafly is in attendance this afternoon at the opening of the 2016 Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in the heart of Downtown Cleveland. She is excited to vote on one of the most conservative Party Platforms we have seen.

“Many of us have worked hard for decades to create the wonderful platform we have today,” Schlafly said. “I was proud to witness the passage of an even stronger platform last week. Many of our most steadfast, conservative leaders lead the fights, but along with them were some very new and young faces. It was a thrill to see such articulate, passionate young conservatives sitting on the committee. They are our hope to hold the line!”

Schlafly is also preparing for her quadrennial Life of the Party gala to be held tomorrow at 12:00 noon at the Cleveland Browns Stadium (FirstEnergy Field). Phyllis Schlafly’s Life of the Party has been held alongside each Republican Convention since 1992. The event celebrates pro-life leadership and victories. This year’s honoree is NCAA football hall-of-fame coach Dr. Lou Holtz.