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Louisiana Votes ERA Down


Stop ERAThe Equal Rights Amendment reared its ugly head in the Louisiana legislature only to be defeated.  After passing out of committee on a 5-4 vote, ERA activists were hopeful that Louisiana would be the state they needed to make their case for ratification. However, once the bill went to the floor, it failed with only 9 Senators voting for it and 26 against. 
Louisiana’s Eagle Forum State Leader Sandy McDade was instrumental in influencing both Democrats and Republicans to kill the bill. She said, “This is why it is necessary to make friends with your legislators. You can make a difference in their vote.” 
Phyllis Schlafly’s legacy of being a voice for American families and defeating the ERA in the 1980s continues. Today, Louisiana families are able to reap the benefits of that legacy. We thank Louisiana Right to Life, whose leaders and members also worked hard to defeat ERA.

Why Oppose the Equal Rights Amendment