FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 22, 2012
CONTACT: Colleen Holmes (202) 544-0353

Washington, D.C. — Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative public policy organization founded by pro-family leader Phyllis Schlafly, is proud to endorse Frank Scaturro as the Republican nominee for New York’s 4th Congressional district.

“Frank Scaturro is a solid conservative. He has been a tremendous help to Eagle Forum and a great ally to pro-family conservatives during his times as a Judiciary Committee staffer,” declared Schlafly.

“Frank has the utmost respect for the Constitution, and he has a heart for public service,” Schlafly noted, “We know he will serve the people of the 4th district well, and he will be a valuable ally to the pro-family movement in Congress.”

“I urge all of our members, my friends, and everyone concerned with stopping the radical Obama agenda to support Frank Scaturro, who has devoted himself to securing our freedoms, defending the Constitution, and protecting our families,” Schlafly concluded.

Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.