May 11, 2018
Iran Out of That Deal

Earlier this week, President Trump announced that he will completely pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. During his announcement, he criticized the deal calling it a “horrible, one-sided deal that should have never ever been made.” Instead of investing in the people of Iran, they continued to fund terrorist activity through Hezbollah and Hamas using funds established by this pact. It is certainly time to put an end to this sinister activity.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was established under former President Obama in 2015 between the United States, Iran, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and the European Union. The pact included a reigning in of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. However, Iran entered into this deal with no intentions of complying. Recent intelligence released by Israel shows that Iran secretly developed plans to advance nuclear weapons before and after the deal was made.

The people of Iran quickly showed their hatred for the United States after the announcement by shouting threats against America while burning the American flag. Iran has stated that they will not continue the deal with the other countries in the pact without the participation of the United States. This has in-turn made Russia upset. Russia issued a warning prior to the President’s announcement that threatened severe consequences if he withdrew. These threats and actions certainly did not deter the President from making the right decision.

President Trump has plans to create a new coalition of nations that will oppose all Iranian access to developing their nuclear weapons. They will demand that Iran stop sponsoring terrorism in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. They will also demand no more public threatening of Israel, kidnapping of Americans, cyberattacks, and threatening freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Details of this coalition are still yet to be determined.

Eagle Forum praises President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal. The United States will no longer be passive to the atrocities that the Iran regime has set into motion.