December 23, 2016
We teamed up with Longtime Friend, Connie Mackey
This week, long-time Eagle Forum friend Connie Mackey and I visited some key congressional staffers to discuss how we can best work together to advance a conservative agenda when Congress convenes and President Trump is inaugurated.
Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom 
We left so encouraged! We had the privilege of spending time with a high-level, brilliant, solid conservative congressional staffer with whom we have worked on the life issue for decades who is now serving on the Trump transition team. Although the team is working around the clock, she reported that she feels like a kid on Christmas morning!  The team is full of other solid conservatives, writing executive orders and drafting legislation to accomplish the pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom agenda we have been urging for decades, and that President Trump and the conservative Congress are eager to put into effect. 
Sen. Jeff Session’s Confirmation
If you happen to be on social media over the holiday, please help us keep up the drum beat on Senator Sessions.  We must fight back against the liberal efforts to smear this fine man.
If you have any questions or legislative concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Colleen at or call 757-277-4848.