November 2, 2018
Vote for Liberty!

The midterm election will significantly impact America’s future in freedom.  Next Tuesday will decide whether the many, already incredibly successful policies set in motion under President Trump will continue or whether they collapse under the weight of a new Congressional majority bent on removing Trump from office and implementing their radical, socialist, anti-freedom agenda.

President Trump’s anticipated executive order to reinforce border security, put some integrity back into our immigration system, and to put a stop to “anchor births” are long overdue. Eagle Forum supports him wholeheartedly! Phyllis Schlafly has pointed out the need for these measures for years. We must support his announcement with our votes next Tuesday.

See here for Congressional candidates in tight races to which Eagle Forum PAC has directly contributed.

Undergirded by prayer, Eagles across the country are fighting hard for pro-life, pro-family, pro-America, less government candidates.  For example, here is Taylor Foland, Director of Millennial Outreach for Florida Eagle Forum.  When Taylor is not going door to door for candidates he is organizing volunteers to make candidate phone calls.  According to Florida Eagle Forum Executive Vice President Marguerite Cavanaugh, “First, we encouraged voters to request Vote by Mail ballots; later, we called to remind them to please vote and return their ballots (about 60% are never returned); right now we are suggesting Early Voting at polling locations, or Election Day Voting. It’s all about getting conservative Republicans elected in every office. We won’t stop until victory is ours.”

Patsy Stewart, South Carolina Eagle, is distributing “Trump Cards”, her compilation of Congress’ and President Trump’s more stellar accomplishments. Review it here. She concludes: “Get your family, your friends, your co-workers and vote November 6, 2016.”

Thank you, Eagles. May God grant the victory.

Eunie Smith
Eagle Forum President