Medicare for All Means Freedom for None
September 16, 2018

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) introduced his Medicare for All Act (S. 1804) last year, but Democrat campaigns have recently ramped up support for it. This single-payer healthcare system idea is hitting a note with the public. A Reuters-Ipsos survey found that 70% of Americans support a Medicare for all policy. Of this percentage, 85% were Democrats while 52% were Republicans. These numbers are extremely troubling as we see a movement toward socialism.

Recently, celebrities, such as Jim Carrey, have urged the nation to “embrace socialism” but they do not offer the facts. There seems to be an education gap in many advocates’ logic.

Throughout history, we have proven evidence that socialism is destructive. One example that is currently happening is the country of Venezuela. What was once a booming economy due to their natural resource of oil, is now wrought with suffering citizens. Yet, Democrats turn a blind-eye to the truth.

A recent study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University found that this policy would increase the federal budget by a whopping $32.6 trillion over 10 years because all health care spending would be funneled through the federal government and presumably paid by increased taxes. Although the study also suggests that national expenditures would decrease by $2 trillion by 2031, one has to ask when federal program spending has actually decreased. Regardless, the devastating effect of a single payer system on the quality and accessibility of healthcare would not be worth any small savings. Congress must not replace a failed healthcare system with another. The only solution is to repeal Obamacare.

As we urge Congress to block any healthcare replacement and to repeal Obamacare, you can make a difference in your circles by educating others on the dangers of socialism. One organization, PragerU, offers several short videos on this topic which can be shared through social media or email that can be relevant to almost every age. Our freedoms as laid out by the Constitution have made the United States the great nation it is today. Eagle Forum will continue to defend those rights.

Tabitha Walter
D.C. Executive Director, Eagle Forum