June 25, 2018

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice announced that key parts of Obamacare are now unconstitutional. This came after Texas, along with 19 Republican-led states, got the ball rolling by challenging the policy in hopes to overturn it. Since then, the Trump Administration has moved full speed ahead in stripping down what they can of Obamacare to make way for Congress to finally repeal this awful policy.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare in 2012, it was solely on the basis of the constitutionality of the individual mandate. Now that Congress has repealed the individual mandate portion by zeroing the penalty in tax reform, the ruling no longer stands. There is a chance that this case will be revisited by the end of the year.  An unconstitutional ruling would be a huge win for Americans.

Then, just last week, the Department of Labor proposed regulations that will promote the sale of health care plans across state lines. Since Obamacare has driven up health care costs and forced Americans to buy plans they do not need, this will present some relief for those who want a different array of choices. It will provide cheaper plans that may have less coverage. It will also lower costs for the 11 million uninsured small business owners allowing them to partner with other small businesses to share health care coverage under Small Business Health Plans. This will give them the power of negotiation allowing them to tailor their health care to their needs.

Congress is still struggling with crafting a plan that fully repeals Obamacare. Even the most stringent plan so far only repeals certain parts, still leaving the basic framework on which future Congresses can build back up.  Because a repeal has been unsuccessful, health care premiums are skyrocketing and are giving the Democrats an excuse to push for a bailout in every spending bill.  President Trump has continued to follow through on his promises. It is now the Republican-led Congress to follow through on theirs.

Health care reform may move as a standalone bill before the end of the year while certain aspects may be addressed in the September budget deal. Eagle Forum will watch this closely and keep you informed as it moves.