June 19, 2017

Breathing Life into Healthcare

As the Senate is drafting their version of the Obamacare repeal and replace bill, Conservatives are urging that the pro-life provisions from the House version remain.  The Senate is using the reconciliation process to pass this bill which requires only 51 votes to pass.  The caveat is that the entire bill has to pass a six-part test called the Byrd Rule to ensure that the bill stays pertinent to budgetary matters. 

One of the provisions that have come under fire is language similar to the Hyde amendment which bans taxpayer money from funding abortions. The Senate Parliamentarian has already warned Senators that it may fail the test because it would be more of a policy change instead of a budgetary matter.  In the case that this language is stripped out of the bill, we must encourage our Senators to continue work on a solution that would ensure a pro-life victory in the new healthcare bill.

Eagle Forum recently signed onto a letter urging the Senate to retain the Hyde language, as well as redirect Planned Parenthood funds to community resource centers. Because President Trump would like to see a vote on this before July 4th, this is a very timely issue.  Please share this letter with your Senators and insist that they make life a priority in this bill.
Valerie Huber Posted to DHHS

Valerie HuberLast week, the Trump administration named Valerie Huber, former President of Ascend and long-time advocate of sexual risk avoidance education, to a position at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Her title is now, Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary.

Since 2004, Mrs. Huber worked to rebrand abstinence education to what is now called, sexual risk avoidance (SRA).  This uses the same methods as the under-aged smoking and drinking models.  The curriculums are more holistic and focus on a successful future for teenagers. She has equipped state and local leaders throughout the nation, advocated for funding through Congress, and spoken on the dire need of SRA at the United Nations.

Mrs. Huber is no stranger to criticism from the left, especially from DHHS’s Office of Adolescent Health. Now that she holds a significant position there, she will be overseeing some of her top critics.  This is not only a win for the Trump administration, but for youth across the nation.

Eagle Forum wishes her much success in her new role and will work alongside her to continue the fight for SRA.