May 25, 2018
Thank President Trump for Protecting Life

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced their proposed revisions to the Title X grant program which funds family planning services to low-income individuals. Nearly 4 million people receive these services, and in the past, they have been taken advantage of in clinics where abortion is a priority. Now, the rights of women, children, and families are strengthened under these new revisions.

One of the biggest issues that Title X has allowed is the co-location of grantees and abortion services in the same facility. This co-location blurs the lines of where the grant money actually goes. Because of current federal law, taxpayer money is banned from paying for abortion services. The new revisions reinforce that federal statute and goes a step further by requiring a clear physical and financial distinction between the two parties. This distinction will pull the funds from many Planned Parenthood clinics who are in violation of this regulation.

Families and children should have been the focal point of Title X all along. However, previous requirements were lax in supporting them. The new revisions require the reporting of any woman or child who is experiencing abuse, violence, or trafficking, something that facilities like Planned Parenthood have not done in the past. The regulations will also encourage families to be involved in their child’s family planning decisions. Currently, 37 states have a similar statute in place but 36 of those states allows a judge to bypass the law. Twenty-six states allow a minor to independently receive birth control at the age of 12. The Trump Administration realized that the sexual indoctrination of our children has continued behind the backs of parents for far too long.

Other revisions uphold the conscience rights of individuals and employers. The previous regulation that required all Title X grantees to refer for abortion is completely eliminated. The referral of abortion services is now prohibited when counseling on family planning methods. This places the focus on more positive and safe actions, rather than killing an unborn child which can have life-long effects on the mother.

Eagle Forum applauds President Trump and HHS for their diligence in upholding pro-life values and allowing families to flourish. Please follow this link to thank the President for putting these changes into action.