Eagle Forum’s D.C. Directors Colleen Holmes Holcomb and Tabitha Walter, with former Director, Glyn Wright McKay, met with one of the best on the Hill – our good friend, Cong. Dave Brat this week along with other Members and their staffs.

They are representing us on the front lines in Washington, D.C., fighting the good fight. Please send your prayers, support, and encouragement so that we may continue to represent Eagle Forum and our causes on the national stage as well as in the states!

Coalition Letter – Military

Eagle Forum continues to advocate aggressively on many fronts. We have most recently signed a Coalition letter that addressed Restoring America’s Military Strength: Military Readiness or Transgender Politics. 

As you have questions or legislative concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Tabitha Walter directly via email at tabitha@eagleforum.org or phone her at 202/341-5737.

Colleen Holcomb will continue working with Eagle Forum as Vice-President of Government Relations. You may contact her with your questions or concerns via email at cholcomb@attorneyholcomb.com or phone Colleen at 757/277-4848.

Religious Liberty

How Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Could Spark a Fire of Revival
May 16, 2017
by Dr. Carolyn McLarty

Much has been written about President Trump’s Executive Order negating the Johnson Amendment from an inside-the-beltway point of view. From the grassroots view, there is a different perspective – and it is one of encouragement!

President Trump is a bold leader, who appears to be firmly set on fulfilling his campaign promises. Thursday, May 4th, was the 66th National Day of Prayer. In celebration of it, President Trump signed an Executive Order negating the Johnson Amendment, a law in the U.S. tax code prohibiting all 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Read the remainder of Carolyn’s article here.