Senate and House Status
This week, the House is in recess and will return Tuesday, May 16th. The Senate, however, has been in session working hard to confirm President Trump’s nominees including Scott Gottlieb for Commissioner of Food and Drugs and Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson.
Judicial Nominees
President Trump announced Monday ten new nominees to the lower federal courts.  This is a step in filling the 119 vacancies that Senate Republicans held open during the Obama administration in hopes to fill those seats with conservative judges.  Both Joan Larsen from Michigan and David Stras from Minnesota who was nominated to appellate courts were on President Trump’s list of twenty-one potential Supreme Court nominees. Eagle Forum, along with many conservative leaders, are pleased with these picks. For more information on the nominees, click here. We will be watching as the Senate confirms these nominees and as President Trump continues to fill these vacancies. 
Cooking Up Climate Change
Since it’s creation in 1992, the “climate change” treaty has been an attack on American workers. The Obama administration perpetuated unproven claims about “human caused” global warming. Now, the United Nations has made the elimination of fossil fuels a priority which will result in the redistribution of wealth around the world. 
Eagle Forum’s International Issues Chairman, Cathie Adams, has written a letter urging President Trump to keep his promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Eagle Leaders have signed onto this letter

We will keep you posted on these and other developments as we learn new information. Until then, please stay tuned to the Eagle Forum Facebook page.

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