March 4, 2018

Budget Subtraction

Congress will pass a budget soon and one of the areas of focus is education. We have seen such a large government takeover of education over the last several years, but with President Trump in power, we have a chance to scale some of that back. There are a few areas, however, that we need to keep a close eye on.

Data mining has crept its way into many pieces of legislation. This has severely threatened the privacy of families. The White House budget eliminates data systems that have been around for sixteen years. It also decreases the budget of the Institute of Education Sciences which is the massive data mining arm of the federal government. While Congressional Members are looking for additional ways to tackle this issue in upcoming legislation, such as the reauthorizations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Higher Education Act, eliminating the funding of major data mining programs will help greatly.

One of the more disappointing provisions in the White House budget was the increase of $85 million to fund Head Start. This program has never been effective. It has essentially become federally funded babysitting. The upside to this, however, is that the budget eliminates the Preschool Development Grants. This is one less way that the federal government can try to encroach on our children.

School choice has always been a contentious topic among Conservatives.  However, we can all agree that throwing $1 billion of federal funding into charter schools is dangerous. With federal money goes federal control.  The federal government has tried to indoctrinate our students in areas such as gender identity and the progressive view of history through Common Core recommended readings (Exemplars) that replace the classics with novels containing pornography.  Stripping away at basic learning and critical thinking skills while creating social experiments inside of schools is actually the antithesis of choice.

Eagle Forum is currently working with Congressional Members to make fiscally responsible decisions, including good budgetary initiatives towards education. We will keep you informed as the Congress begins to act.

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