February 17, 2017

This week on “the Hill” we are hearing from our conservative friends that the greatest need from the grassroots is to continue to fight back against the mainstream media’s and the left’s constant onslaught of attack against the Trump Administration.

Eagles throughout the country did this very well during the battle to defend Senator Sessions and get him confirmed.  That made a difference and we need to keep it up!

We posted a Daily Signal article on Facebook noting that President Trump has fewer confirmed Cabinet members than President Washington had at this time.

We must draw attention to the liberal hypocrisy, as they castigated Republicans for being ‘obstructionists’ during the Obama Administration, even before Republicans took control of Congress at a time when Obama nominees were being confirmed with little Republican opposition.

The label “Do Nothing Congress” is starting to apply once again, as there is very little of consequence to report from Congress, and our sources tell us that is likely to continue for several months.  Our conservative friends in Congress are working hard to push the most conservative Obamacare repeal bills, yet those too are being delayed.  We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, let’s keep up the drumbeat against liberal attacks.

Action Items and Messaging:

We need to fight back on social media with the message that liberals are “Making America Ungovernable” through entrenched bureaucrats fighting the administration from within, and liberal legislators and members of the media remaining in full-scale attack mode against all Trump action.

Please stay tuned to the Eagle Forum Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @EagleForum for articles that reflect these truths, and please share, share, share!!!  This is our greatest battlefield right now.  We need Eagles to speak truth into the darkness.

NOTE: We encourage you to forward our messages, alerts, etc. to help us get the word out for both information and action purposes. Thank you!

If you have questions, legislative concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Colleen directly at cholcomb@attorneyholcomb.com or call 757-277-4848.