January 6, 2017

Colleen is looking forward to working with you in 2017 to continue our long tradition of fighting for the issues that we so dearly care about.  She is thrilled to once again be representing our beloved Eagle Forum on the Hill.  We invite you to join Colleen in Washington, D.C. anytime you are available. 

Hitting the Ground Running

We just got important insight from high ranking conservatives on the House side.

Our sources report that the Trump Administration has cut the inaugural parade short, to 90 minutes so soon-to-be President Trump can begin signing Executive Orders to undo many of President Obama’s damaging and unconstitutional Executive Orders.

We are also told that the first order of Congressional business is repealing and replacing Obamacare. Our allies are urging the grassroots to support conservative efforts to hold the line on fully repealing and wisely replacing Obamacare in the 115th Congress. We know that Planned Parenthood funding is going to be one of many issues. We will be working with conservative members and their staffers to educate the grassroots on various repeal and replace bills. Stay tuned to Eagle Forum and we will keep you posted.

Call to Action –  Here’s what we need from you: 

  1.  Rapid Response Team.  We need the Eagles to identify a rapid response team to immediately respond to proposed bills and votes.  Please urge your activists, friends, neighbors, social media networks to stay tuned and to commit to call their representatives and get the word out to their networks.  Please contact Colleen at colleen@attorneyholcomb.com to let her know if you would like to be part of this rapid response team.
  1.  Stay Informed and Share News via Facebook.  We also need you to like the Eagle Forum Facebook page and to invite your friends and networks to do the same.  This is an excellent way to stay informed, to inform others and to call others to action.
  1.  Support Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.  Please continue to share the truth about Eagle Forum friend, Attorney General nominee, Senator Jeff Sessions.  We know he is a fine, Godly, compassionate and highly competent leader.  He will restore credibility and the rule of law to the Department of Justice which has been so badly compromised and politicized under the Obama Administration.  Please let us know what you are doing in your state to support Senator Sessions so that we can encourage other conservatives!

Questions, Concerns, Interviews

If you have questions, legislative concerns or would like to have Colleen on your program, or recommend her for other media appearances, please don’t hesitate to contact her directly at cholcomb@attorneyholcomb.com or call 757-277-4848.