January 3, 2019

As the new year began, Democrats took control of the House and took it upon themselves to craft yet another bad spending bill. Nancy Pelosi refuses to work with President Trump on a reasonable budget that will protect families and has instead pushed forward a bill that could put Americans’ lives, finances, and integrity at risk.

The Democrats first order of business is to reinstate abortion funding internationally. President Trump instituted the Mexico City Policy which bans foreign organizations from performing or promoting abortions. Democrats have included language to repeal this. To add insult to injury, they are using our taxpayer money to increase funding to the United Nations Population Fund which has coerced women into abortions and participated in forced sterilizations. This fund will receive $37.5 million which is 7 times the amount they have received in the past!

If Democrats have no interest in protecting unborn babies, they certainly have no interest in protecting the lives of those outside of the womb.  Nancy Pelosi is ignoring the will of the American people to build a border wall.  She has offered to pass $1.3 billion, which is the standard year-to-year funding, for “border fencing”. This is another ploy to subsidize a failed attempt at border security. 

Because the government is shut down, your Representative may not be able to receive calls from you. Please email or tweet to your Representative to let them know that the Democrats’ budget should NOT be passed!

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