June 18, 2018
Send Your Comments to HHS Now to Thank them for Protecting Life

Recently, you contacted the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to ask for a review of their Title X family planning program which funds abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.  Thankfully, they listened!

Planned Parenthood was receiving $56 million per year from these funds, making Title X their second largest funding stream right behind Medicaid.  Although HHS cannot strip their funding completely, they tightened up their grant rules to comply with federal laws that ban federal funding to go towards abortions and that protect religious freedom.

The new rule provides the following protections and freedoms:

  • Requires clear physical and financial distinctions between Title X recipients and abortion facilities.  In other words, abortion providers can no longer co-locate with clinics who receive these funds in order to make sure that our taxpayer money is not funding abortion.
  • Title X recipients must report any woman or child who is experiencing abuse, violence, or trafficking.  Although there are state and federal laws that require this, Planned Parenthood has failed to do so.  This clarifies the law and makes recipients aware that the federal government will no longer overlook these crimes.
  • The new rules encourage families to be involved in family planning decisions.  For far too long, young girls have had access to abortions and birth control without their parents’ consent or awareness.  Even though this is law in 37 states, 36 of those states allow a judge to bypass the law.  Now, families will be included in their children’s decisions.
  • Pregnancy centers and clinics will no longer be required to refer for abortion.  Previously, the mandatory provision that forced religious institutions and pro-life medical professionals to refer for abortion infringed on their Constitutional rights.  Now their efforts will focus on safe and positive actions.

HHS will receive many negative comments about this from liberal abortion advocates. These activists have already ramped up their social media and news efforts in order to spread false information about the rule.  This is why HHS needs to hear from you.

Submit your comments to HHS by July 31 to thank them for defending the life of the unborn and protecting women.  You may use our template to send a comment, but if you have a personal story that this will affect, you may craft your own comment to HHS.

Send Your Comments to HHS