April 18, 2018
Title X Must Stop Funding Abortion Providers

The Department of Health and Human Services has worked very hard to rid the agency of liberal policies dating back to even the Clinton-era. There are still some regulations, however, that need attention quickly. One of these being a huge funder of Planned Parenthood, the Title X family planning program.

The Title X program was authorized in 1970 to provide family planning services to low-income women. The funding is broken up into grants that provide financial assistance for organizations that engage in family planning services but do not perform abortions. The regulations have generally stayed the same throughout the years, but the interpretations have been warped.

The largest abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, receives an average of $56 million annually from Title X. This makes the program the second largest funding stream for Planned Parenthood right behind Medicaid. One of the loopholes allows grantees to reside in the same location of abortion providers. This obviously blurs the line of taxpayer-funded abortions. They argue that none of the money funds abortion services, but their horrendous acts and blatant lies will eventually tell a different story.

Another problematic regulation within Title X violates our religious and moral freedoms.  This rule demands that grantees must refer for abortion services.  If a Christian-led pregnancy center received Title X funds, they would have to provide information for abortion services or have their funding pulled. This unfairly discriminates against organizations and individuals who protect the sanctity of life.

Call or email HHS now to urge them to protect life by reviewing the Title X family planning program and adding further restrictions on abortion providers.

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