May 4, 2016

Dear Friend,

The Article V COS Con Con (Constitutional Convention) resolution HCR 57 passed out of Senate Committee. It will be debated on the Senate floor and voted on any day now. With only 7 days left until adjournment your help is needed.

Please contact your State Senator and convince them that opening up a constitutional convention with all the chaos in our country is a bad idea. It’s a bad idea any time.

Please note — will HCR 57 affect gun control?

To illustrate how opening up our U.S. Constitution could allow leftists to rewrite and limit our First and Second Amendment rights, Phyllis Schlafly sent Missouri Senators autographed copies of liberal Supreme Court Justice Stevens’s book calling for six new amendments to the Constitution. The liberal amendments Stevens wants affect:

  • gun control: adding just five little words, “when serving in the militia,” to the Second Amendment.
  • campaign finance,
  • capital punishment,
  • political gerrymandering,
  • sovereign immunity, and
  • anti-commandeering. (This change would empower Congress to force state authorities to take such action as the federal government deems fit, such as compelling state personnel to enforce certain gun laws.)

In other words, both the left and some on the right want to open up our Constitution to major revision. The stage is being set for a runaway convention.

Moving ahead on ConCon legislation like HCR 57 puts many of our freedoms, especially our right to own guns, under threat.

Please let us know where your Senator stands on this very dangerous legislation.

Please call your state senator now!

Thank you for all you do.