July 2015

Eagle Forum is leading a coalition effort during the month of July to promote the true meaning of American exceptionalism. President Obama has stated that he believes in an America that is self-critical and always changing. He has said that those who view America as exceptional because of her past are “afraid.” This is no way to describe the millions of Americans who believe in the American idea, including those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that America could remain a beacon of hope to the world. America was founded as a free and independent nation that recognizes the inalienable rights of individuals to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We do not apologize for our character or identity. Americans are demoralized by the erosion of American liberty and the constant assault on our core principles. However, while the liberals are intent on growing government, eroding our moral foundation, and threatening our sovereignty, we are committed to retelling America’s story to provide hope and energy for the millions of Americans who remain committed to the foundations of American exceptionalism.

July is the month to celebrate the true story of America’s history and the principles that make America the most exceptional country in the world. Will you help us celebrate? America Proud is a nationwide effort to bring our divided country together to remember what has made us truly great. Join us in retelling the story of American exceptionalism:

  • Visit AmericaProud.us for videos, op-eds, and other messages from across America.
  • Engage on Social Media. Retweet @EagleForum and use the hashtag #AmericaProud on Facebook and Twitter to show us how you’re celebrating Independence Day – also, share quotes, songs, blog posts, or speeches on why America is exceptional to you.
  • Enter our #AmericaProud contest! Details below.

Here is a special #AmericaProud message from Congressman Louie Gohmert:


Help us reclaim American exceptionalism by entering our #AmericaProud contest. Submit one of the following for a chance to win:


  • Video: Send us a 2-3 minute YouTube video telling or showing us why you are #AmericaProud! Involve your family and friends, and be creative!
  • Essay: In 500 words or less, tell us why you are #AmericaProud!
  • Photo: In one photo, show us why you believe America is exceptional!

Submit your entries to eagle@eagleforum.org.

GRAND PRIZE will be a trip to Eagle Council in September!