Re: Every Vote Counts!

November 2014

We hope you saw this email last Thursday and have passed it on! The future of our nation rests on the decisions made at the polls tomorrow. In order to stop Barack Obama from pushing his radical agenda forward, we must take control of the Senate and keep the House by electing Republican candidates.

As a reminder, Eagle Forum doesn’t endorse in every race, but you can see how your current representative and senators have voted on key issues by viewing the Eagle Forum Scoreboard. Eagle Forum-endorsed candidates have sought our endorsement, adequately answered our questionnaire, and met with the approval of our state leader and D.C. staff.

Every Vote Counts!

October 2014

Dear Friend,

On Tuesday, we have one last chance to effectively limit Barack Obama’s ability to “fundamentally transform” the United States. The issues are important, and the consequences of our choices are clear:

National security: Will we continue to weaken our military and appease terrorists and dictators, or will we restore strong American leadership in the world?

Immigration: Will we continue to coddle the millions of illegal immigrants who break our country’s laws to compete for our jobs, or will we strengthen border security and prioritize Americans looking for work?

Taxes and spending: Will we let Washington spend more of our hard-earned tax dollars on failed big-government boondoggles, or will we return individual liberty and personal responsibility to the people?

The family: Will we allow liberals to continue their assault on marriage and the unborn, or will we strengthen respect for the traditional values that built this country?

The future of these and many other issues will depend on the choices we make at the ballot box. If you live in a state with a Senate race, consider the damage that Harry Reid has inflicted and help us gain a Republican majority in the Senate. You can find Eagle Forum’s recommendations in some races by clicking here.

This Election Day will not change everything, but it is crucial to stopping President Obama from causing more harm. We can start rebuilding America by voting on November 4th. Please pass this on to at least 10 of your friends, and make sure you call and remind them to vote on Election Day.


Phyllis Schlafly