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Time To Stand Up for America
  • Deep-Six the Law of the Sea
  • The High Price of Imported Food

  • VOL. 40, NO. 10P.O. BOX 618, ALTON, ILLINOIS 62002JUNE 2007

    Time To Stand Up for America

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    How can we re-motivate and reactivate the coalition of fiscal, national defense, social, and economic conservatives who gave Ronald Reagan his tremendous victories in 1980 and 1984? How can we reach out to the Middle Americans, the Reagan Democrats, who have been steadily slipping away from the conservative movement during the Bush 41 and Bush 43 administrations?

    We can win them back to the conservative cause by a campaign called Stand Up for America because these voters are patriotic, they love our country, and they are family oriented. Many of them come from a tradition of voting Democratic and they need powerful reasons to vote conservative Republican.

    We defeated the Equal Rights Amendment with mostly pro-family Democratic legislators who are God, Family, and Country people. They will not vote for the party of big business, but they will vote for leaders who stand up for American jobs.

    The Middle Class is hurting today because so many have lost jobs from the outsourcing of U.S. plants overseas. Some of these Americans have seen their good jobs just vanish as their plants closed. Three million good manufacturing jobs have gone to foreign countries. Our government has failed to do anything to protect American workers from the way that foreign governments bribe U.S. companies to relocate overseas, cheat us with their anti-American tax policies, and steal our technology and intellectual property. 200,000 American jobs were lost in Pennsylvania and another 200,000 jobs in Ohio. No wonder Republicans were wiped out in both states in 2006.

    Other Americans have lost their jobs because of the insourcing of foreigners to take jobs in our country. Some jobs were taken by low-wage illegal aliens and so-called guest workers. Other jobs were taken by skilled workers coming in from Asia on H-1B or student visas. Our government has failed to secure our borders and has positively encouraged the insourcing of Asian engineers and computer technicians.

    The law of supply and demand really works — a bigger supply of cheap labor inevitably depresses wages.

    We were able to hold the votes of these Middle American workers when there was an overpowering moral issue such as the state marriage amendments. It was the state marriage amendment on the ballot in Ohio in 2004 that carried Ohio for George W. Bush and re-elected him President. It was the marriage amendment on the ballot in Tennessee that gave Republicans our only Senate victory in 2006.

    But there won’t be any marriage amendment on the ballot in most battleground states in 2008, and the Democrats have discovered they can win with referenda on the minimum wage. The Party that speaks for American workers will be the Party that wins in 2008.

    In order to reclaim Middle America and the Reagan Democrats who are hurting badly from outsourcing and insourcing, our leaders must aggressively Stand Up for America on the patriotic and economic issues. Stand Up for America involves three types of issues: (1) the Rule of Law, (2) American sovereignty, and (3) the defense of U.S. jobs.

    1. Standing up for the Rule of Law means that the President and Congress must do their constitutional Article IV duty to “protect [us] against invasion” by people who come here illegally and then expect U.S. taxpayers to provide them with social benefits. Here’s what we expect our national leaders to do:
      • We must secure our borders and build the fence that was overwhelmingly voted by Congress last year in the Secure Fence Act and signed by President Bush in front of television cameras. Where is the fence? In six months since the fence law was passed mandating the building of a 700-mile fence, the Bush Administration has only built a 2-mile fence. At that rate, it would take 175 years to finish the job. Was Bush just tricking us with a dishonest pre-election gimmick?
      • We must close our southern borders to the illegal drug traffic with a fence, technology, and as many border guards as necessary. And our border guards must have the confidence that our government wants them to do their job! President Bush should make this clear by immediately pardoning our border guards who are now serving long prison sentences because they intercepted professional drug smugglers sneaking over our border.
      • We must get rid of all the phony talk about “comprehensive” immigration reform, because we know that means giving legal U.S. residency to 20 million illegal aliens and their families (i.e., amnesty), plus admitting tens of millions of so-called guest workers and their families who will never go home. Because most illegal aliens and proposed guest workers are low-wage people, they will burden our taxpayers to pay social benefits estimated by the Heritage Foundation at the net cost to us of $22,449 per household per year.
      • We must defeat any “comprehensive” or “compromise” immigration bill that is supported by Senator Ted Kennedy, who has been the Open Borders leader for years. We must disdain and defeat any Republicans who join Kennedy in this amnesty-guest-worker deal.
      • We must stand up for the cities that tell their local police to arrest and detain illegal aliens (i.e., we must terminate the so-called “sanctuary” laws).
      • We must stop the racket of bringing in pregnant women to give birth to “anchor babies” in the United States, who can then bring in all their relatives no matter how remote.
    2. Standing up for American sovereignty means that we expect our leaders to defend American borders and independence from foreign or international control.
      • We must repudiate President Bush’s repeated demands for the economic integration of the United States with Canada and Mexico — proposals that Bush specifically endorsed in his 2001 Declaration of Quebec, his Security and Prosperity Partnership at Waco in 2005 and in Cancun in 2006, and on his State Department website which posted the Council on Foreign Relations 2005 document showing how the Security and Prosperity Partnership will lead to North American economic integration (called a North American Community) by 2010. Americans don’t want to be economically integrated with any other country.
      • We must abolish the working groups in the Commerce Department that are already harmonizing our regulations with Mexico and Canada. Americans don’t want our laws or regulations harmonized with any other country.
      • We must repudiate and stop Bush’s plan to put illegal aliens into our Social Security system under Totalization.
      • We must repudiate and stop the way the Bush Administration is encouraging states to sell toll-roads and other infrastructure to foreign companies (authorized by Bush 41’s Executive Order 12803 in 1992 called “Infrastructure Privatization”). We must also require repudiation of Bush 43’s Transportation Department’s threat to cut off highway funds to Texas if Texas doesn’t allow a Spanish company to own the new Texas toll-road, which is the first leg of the NAFTA Super Highway, whose purpose is to bring cheap Chinese goods into heartland America.
      • We must reverse Bush’s decision to allow thousands of Mexican trucks to drive on all U.S. roads even though Mexican trucks and drivers do not meet American safety standards. There is no mutuality about Bush’s truck deal: U.S. truckers know it is not safe for them to drive their trucks into Mexico.
      • We must insist on a functioning entry-exit visa system so that our government tracks visitors and requires them to leave the U.S. when their visa expires.
      • We must terminate the racket called “chain migration” which brings in remote relatives of anyone who has come to the United States.
      • We must demand that immigrants assimilate into our American culture, learn our language, respect our Constitution and laws, and (as required by our naturalization law) renounce all loyalty to the country from which they came. We cannot tolerate “dual citizenship.”
      • We must demand that English be our national language, and terminate counterproductive policies such as federally financed bilingual education and federal requirements for foreign language ballots.
      • We must reject all United Nations treaties because they all restrict American sovereignty, such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, CEDAW, and the UN Treaty on the Child.
    3. Standing up for American jobs means that we expect our government (both President and Congress) to defend American workers and their jobs against trade policies of other countries that cheat Americans.
      • We must punish employers who violate the law by employing illegal aliens.
      • We must defeat all plans to increase the number of H-1B and student visas which are specifically designed to take engineering and computer jobs away from Americans and give them to foreigners.
      • We must stop foreign governments (especially China) from stealing our intellectual property, patents and copyrights.
      • We must take any necessary action against foreign governments that bribe U.S. companies with tax rebates to relocate U.S. plants overseas and cancel American jobs.
      • We must take any necessary action against foreign governments that use the Value Added Tax (called the VAT) as a substitute for tariffs in order to discriminate against U.S. products.
      • We must once again make the United States self-sufficient in food so we are not the victim of deliberate poisoning of our food by China.
      • We must stop kowtowing to foreign tribunals such as the World Trade Association and NAFTA that nearly always rule against the United States.

    Grassroots conservatives must rise up and again exercise their majority in the Republican Party as we did in 1964 and 1980 and 1994. In 1964, grassroots conservative took control of the Republican Party away from the pro-abortion Rockefeller faction and the New York kingmakers. We are in essentially the same political battle today. It’s up to grassroots conservatives to take back the Republican Party from the pro-abortion RINOs and from the multinational corporations from New York to Seattle that use big money and big media to get cheap labor at the expense of American jobs, and to promote globalism and internationalism instead of patriotism. Our rallying cry must again be: We want A Choice Not an Echo!

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    Deep-Six the Law of the Sea 
    Borrowing the famous words of General Douglas MacArthur that “old soldiers never die, they just fade away,” we can now see that old treaties never die, they can be resurrected years or even decades after taking what we thought was a knockout punch.

    President George W. Bush has announced that he is breathing new life into the old United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which President Ronald Reagan rejected in 1982. Bush’s National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley has asked Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joe Biden (D-DE) to secure Senate ratification “as early as possible.”

    To defuse expected opposition, the Bush Administration has pursued a most unusual lobbying campaign: two or three prominent conservatives at a time are invited to the White House without telling them the purpose of the invitation or who will be present. The conservatives are subjected to aggressive lobbying by Administration heavy hitters: usually the chief counsel for the State Department and the Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy.

    The 202-page Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) entered into force in 1994 and has been ratified by 153 countries. The LOST created the International Seabed Authority (ISA), giving it total jurisdiction over all the oceans and everything in them, including the ocean floor with “all” its riches (“solid, liquid or gaseous mineral resources”), along with the power to regulate seven/tenths of the world’s surface.

    Headquartered in Jamaica, the ISA has an Assembly, a Council, a bureaucracy and commissions, all drawing tax-free salaries. If the United States ratifies the treaty, we would have the same vote in the ISA as Cuba, an unprecedented surrender of American sovereignty, independence of action, and wealth.

    Even worse, the LOST gives the ISA the power to levy international taxes. We are not fooled by the LOST’s attempt to conceal this by labeling the taxes assessments, fees, permits, payments, or contributions.

    The real purpose of the taxing power is to compel the United States to pay billions of private-enterprise dollars to the ISA bureaucrats, who can then transfer our wealth to socialist, anti-American nations (euphemistically called “developing countries”) ruled by corrupt dictators. The LOST piously asserts that this is for “the benefit of mankind as a whole.”

    The LOST gives the ISA the power to regulate “all” ocean research and exploration and to deny access to strategic ocean minerals, many of which we need for our national defense or industries. The LOST gives the ISA the power to impose production quotas for deep-sea mining and oil production.

    The ISA can require us to share our intelligence, technology, and even military information. The Treaty puts restrictions on our intelligence-gathering by our submarines, activities that are essential to our national defense.

    The LOST also created the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with the power of a super supreme court to decide all disputes and enforce its judgments. Of course, there is no guarantee that the United States would have even one judge on this 21-member international court, and it’s reasonable to assume inherent bias against the United States by the anti-American countries whose representatives will make all decisions. There can be no appeal from this Tribunal’s decisions, even though they would affect our sovereignty, national security and economic interests. There is no restriction on the Tribunal’s jurisdiction.

    Administration lobbyists claim that the original problems with the LOST have been fixed. That is not believable because the text of the treaty can’t be changed unilaterally. It was after changes were made in 1994 that Reagan’s favorite foreign policy advisor, Jeane Kirkpatrick, joined a news conference to denounce the treaty.

    Bush apparently expects conservatives to be mollified by the argument that the Navy supports LOST. But conservatives are smart enough to know that it’s impossible for the Navy to oppose the Commander in Chief’s position. The notion that our great U.S. Navy needs approval from foreign bureaucrats in Jamaica in order to enjoy passage through international straits, or for permission to do what our Navy is already doing (such as moving our ships to the waters near Iran), is offensive and insulting to U.S. sovereignty.

    It’s not only dangerous to our national security for the Administration to promote the Law of the Sea Treaty, it is a stupid political move that will diminish the shrinking percentage of conservatives who still support Bush. He is ignoring his supporters and instead pushing the agenda of the globalists determined to erase our sovereign borders and integrate us into various multinational structures and tribunals.

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    The High Price of Imported Food 
    The vast production of American food is one of the greatest achievements of our free enterprise society and of our superior system of patents that encouraged the invention of fantastically efficient farm machinery. In one of our favorite patriotic songs, we wax lyrical about our “amber waves of grain.”

    The Clinton Administration conned American farmers into being the principal lobbyists in 2000 for passage of PNTR (Permanent Normal Trade Relations) for Communist China, which gave Chinese goods unconditional access to U.S. markets.

    Bill Clinton promised in his State of the Union address that PNTR for China would be a win-win for American agriculture because “this agreement will open China’s market to us.” His Department of Agriculture predicted that the average annual value of U.S. agricultural exports to China would increase by $1.5 billion.

    Globalization turned out to be a cheat. Department of Commerce figures show that U.S. wheat exports to China are less today than before PNTR was passed.

    Cheap labor in Asia can produce some agricultural products cheaper than we can with all our expensive equipment, and China’s food exports to the U.S. have become a $2.1 billion industry. We are now importing 13 percent of the food Americans eat.

    But we can’t count the cost merely in dollars and in bushels. China simply doesn’t have health, sanitary or safety standards that Americans expect for our food supply.

    We recently discovered that Communist China intentionally mixed an industrial chemical called melamine into pet food and animal feed imported by U.S. companies and sold here under more than 100 brand names. Melamine, which is both a contaminant and byproduct of several pesticides, is used to make plastic kitchenware, glues, countertops, fabrics, fertilizers, and flame retardants.

    Because melamine is high in nitrogen, the Chinese were putting it into wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate in order to trick Americans into thinking they were buying feed with higher protein content. Melamine has no nutritional value.

    As this scandal unfolded, we also learned that the Chinese have been putting cyanuric acid, a chemical related to melamine that is used in chlorination during pool cleaning, into wheat gluten products sold to the U.S.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered this deception when our pets started dying. Melamine contamination is implicated in some 4,000 cat and dog deaths, 60 million packages of pet food have been recalled, and our regulators have blocked all Chinese imports of wheat gluten and warned importers to screen every kind of food and feed additive coming from China.

    We also learned that 6,000 hogs in eight states may have been fed salvage products containing tainted rice gluten, and several hundred of these hogs may have entered the human food supply. The Department of Agriculture has put a hold on 20 million chickens that ate melamine-tainted feed.

    After a lot of denials and haggling, China announced it is banning the use of melamine and agreed to allow the United States to do some inspection of food processing in China. But inspections in China cannot produce U.S.-style safety because of the sprawling and fragmented food-processing industry in a vast country where poisonings from tainted products are common. When U.S. inspectors arrived, the plants were closed, the machinery destroyed, and the personnel had disappeared.

    The FDA inspects only 1.3% of imported food, but even that small amount reveals plenty that would cause Americans to lose their appetite. Chinese foods detained by the FDA in March alone included frozen catfish tainted with illegal veterinary drugs, fresh ginger polluted with pesticides, melon seeds contaminated with a cancer-causing toxin, and filthy dried dates.

    Why didn’t the FDA and Department of Agriculture protect us from melamine contamination? They operate on what is called a “risk-based” inspection philosophy, focusing on specific foods where there is the biggest potential risk. Melamine wasn’t on the “risk” list because no one suspected that the Chinese would deliberately adulterate their food exports with this chemical. The 98.7 % of Chinese food that we do not inspect enters the U.S. as a matter of trust.

    In another scandal, we now discover that the Chinese put diethylene glycol, a prime ingredient used in antifreeze, into many varieties of medicines including cough syrup, fever medication, injectable drugs, and even toothpaste. This poison was substituted for glycerin, a sweet-tasting solvent safely used in drugs but more expensive than diethylene glycol.

    Diethylene glycol has killed hundreds of people in Panama, Haiti and other countries. It’s next to impossible to track and verify the Chinese manufacturers and numerous middlemen, as the poisoned medicines traveled through various trading companies and countries, with the labels repeatedly altered.

    What’s more American than catfish? We now discover that the U.S. is importing large amounts of catfish from China, and that China has treated the catfish with a banned antibiotic called fluoroquinolones. In one test, 14 out of 20 catfish from China contained the banned chemical.

    The U.S. has had to recall numerous children’s items with high levels of lead including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and baby bibs.

    For years, the globalists and free traders have been ignoring and winking at the adverse consequences of our trade with China. Maybe China’s poisoning of our pets will be one offense too many to tolerate.

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