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VOL. 34, NO. 4P.O. BOX 618, ALTON, ILLINOIS 62002NOVEMBER 2000

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A Briefing on Issues of Independence and Sovereignty

American freedom absolutely depends on maintaining our independence and sovereignty as well as the integrity of the United States Constitution, all of which are under massive attack from many sources. Yet these attacks were virtually ignored during the 2000 political campaign. This Phyllis Schlafly Report is the outline of a 40-page loose-leaf Briefing Book designed to help citizens explain these issues to elected officials and the media.


President Bill Clinton made a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 22, 1997 in which he described the series of treaties he had signed and sent to the U.S. Senate for ratification as a "web of institutions and arrangements" that has set "the international ground rules for the 21st century."

Clinton's treaties are chipping away at American sovereignty, our individual liberties, our freedom to govern ourselves and to raise and educate our children, and our national security. Many of these treaties also interfere with our land ownership and our private property. Each of these treaties sets up a new global bureaucracy with some kind of monitoring apparatus that would exercise some measure of control over American citizens, or our families, or our schools, or our businesses, or our use of natural resources and energy, or our land.

International Criminal Court (ICC) — This treaty sets up an international court with the power to try individuals, in contrast to the long-existing World Court which can adjudicate disputes only among nations. The ICC would be extremely dangerous to Americans because Americans tried by the ICC would not have the protections of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees of due process. The ICC puts all U.S. servicemembers stationed overseas at risk of prosecution on trivial or malicious charges.

Convention on the Rights of the Child — This treaty purports to give every child the right to express his own views freely in all matters, to receive information of all kinds through the media of the child's choice, to freedom of religion, to be protected from interference with his correspondence, to have access to information from national and international sources in the media, to use his own language, and to have the right to "rest and leisure." It would be harmful to all Americans, including children, because it is based on the concept that a child's rights originate with the UN Treaty itself or with government, in contrast to the American ideology that rights flow to the individual from our Creator. This treaty will gravely interfere with parents' rights to raise and educate their children. The treaty assumes that the UN rights of the child would be enforced against the parents, probably by government attorneys.

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) — This treaty would be harmful to all Americans, especially women, who now enjoy far more rights than the treaty could ever give. It attempts to regulate our laws, customs, personal relationships, family education, textbooks, and wages. All this and more would be under the supervision of a committee of 23 so-called "experts."

Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change — This treaty would require the U.S. to reduce our energy consumption to 7% below our 1990 levels, a tremendous reduction in our standard of living. Meanwhile, it would allow Europeans to evade reductions by averaging among the EU countries, and it would impose no limitations at all on 130 "developing" nations including China, India and Mexico. It would encourage U.S. fossil-fuel-burning plants to relocate to restriction-free countries, thus moving a million jobs overseas.

Convention on the Law of the Sea — This treaty would create an International Seabed Authority with sovereignty over three-fourths of the earth's surface and the ability to impose direct taxes on natural resources. Decisions would be dominated by Third World countries.

World Trade Organization — This treaty pretends to be "free trade" but is actually world trade managed by a supra-national body in Geneva that sets, administers, and enforces the rules. It includes a legislature called the Ministerial Conference, consisting of 135 nations each with one vote; an executive branch consisting of a Director-General and an unelected multinational bureaucracy; and a supreme court of trade called the Dispute Settlement Board that decides trade disputes in secret and whose rulings cannot be vetoed by any nation. The WTO has already ruled against the United States four times.

Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty — This treaty would forbid us to conduct even underground nuclear tests, while we would not be able to verify other countries' compliance. Periodic, underground nuclear testing is essential to the maintenance of a safe, reliable and effective U.S. nuclear deterrent.

Convention on Biological Diversity — This treaty is a plan to set aside half the land area in North America as "Wilderness" and much of the other half as buffer zones and corridors where human use by Americans would be severely restricted. It would put tremendous tracts of U.S. land under federal control, managed according to UN land use policies.

World Heritage Convention — This treaty granted special powers to the UN agency called UNESCO to designate selected American treasures as World Heritage sites and to develop regulations and policies concerning their use. The 22 sites already marked by UNESCO include some of America's greatest treasures: Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Jefferson's home at Monticello, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Chemical Weapons Convention — This treaty purports to ban chemical weapons, but the dangerous countries most likely to use chemical weapons (Libya, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, China, Iran and Russia) either won't sign the treaty or have indicated they will not be bound by it. The treaty is unverifiable and unenforceable, and so it increases, not eliminates, the risk of chemical weapons use and seriously damages U.S. national security.

NATO Expansion Treaty — This treaty admitted three new members into NATO — Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic — and commits the U.S. to go to war to defend their borders, which ethnic factions have been fighting about for a thousand years and most of which were established as a result of bloody battles.

United Nations Conferences

United Nations conferences pretend to be democratic gatherings of diverse delegates from all over the world who hammer out their differences and agree on plans of action. On the contrary, the conference managers write the reports and recommendations ahead of time and then manipulate the so-called delegates to call it a "consensus." UN conferences offer grand opportunities for tax-paid bureaucrats to connive at ways to implement their leftwing, feminist, and wealth-redistribution agendas.

United Nations Millennium Assembly, New York, 2000 — The UN Millennium Assembly and Summit adopted the Millennium Declaration, which contains plans for far-reaching "reforms" designed to vastly increase the power of the UN at the expense of sovereign, independent countries. These "reforms" include: creating a UN standing army, disarming nations of all conventional and nuclear weapons, forbidding the U.S. to build a missile defense system, encouraging the International Criminal Court to exercise "compulsory jurisdiction" over all states, setting up a UN Arms register of guns, imposing UN control over the manufacture and sale of all firearms, eliminating America's veto and permanent membership in the Security Council.

United Nations "Reforms" to Steal U.S. Wealth — Radical plans to use the UN to force the United States to redistribute our wealth to Third World dictators originated with a 410-page report called Our Global Neighborhood, issued in 1995 by the UN-funded Commission on Global Governance. In addition to ambitious plans to restructure the UN and create a UN standing army, the so-called "reformers" want to lay a guilt trip on Americans for using so much energy and con us into reducing our standard of living and turning our wealth over to the rest of the world. The UN "reformers" want the UN to impose direct global taxes such as an international currency transaction tax.

UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro, 1992 — This UN conference, called Earth Summit II, produced several agreements that encroach on our sovereignty: the Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity); the Framework Convention on Climate Change, which evolved into the 1977 Kyoto Protocol; Agenda 21, which commits nations to set national goals for a global plan to protect the environment; and the Commission on Sustainable Development, which has resulted in many federal programs and regulations carried out without congressional action or oversight.

UN Conference on Women in Beijing, 1995 — This conference featured Hillary Clinton as the media attraction, Madeleine Albright as the chairman, and the late Bella Abzug, a former Congresswoman, as the one who controlled the agenda. It was designed to promote the feminist agenda in the United States and worldwide.

UN Conference on Social Development in Copenhagen, 1995 — This conference is noteworthy because its principal topic of discussion was the UN imposing a global tax in order to give the UN its own flow of money independent of Congressional appropriations.

UN Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul in 1996 — This UN Conference, called Habitat II, called for a global "right to housing" to be enforced by the UN. This was designed to make the United States feel that we should provide housing for people all over the world.

Executive Orders

President Clinton's good friend Paul Begala described Clinton's use of Executive Orders this way: "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool." Clinton has issued what the press has variously called a "blizzard" or a "blitz" of Executive Orders, grabbing new powers for the executive branch, making broad public policy changes, spending non-appropriated taxpayers' money, and even trying to restructure our governmental system.

Clinton has issued nearly 300 Executive Orders. Some are unconstitutional attempts to expand federal power over the states. Some are attempts to implement Clinton's global agenda. Some are federal grabs of property that belongs either to the states or to private landowners.

Executive Orders (EO) to Expand Federal Powers  
Clinton's EO 13083 on Federalism of May 14, 1998 was an attempt to rescind the Tenth Amendment (as well as President Reagan's EO on Federalism).

Clinton's EO 12919 of June 3, 1994, entitled National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness, asserts plenary and dictatorial authority over citizens, food, transportation, energy, health, contracts, materials and resources to be exercised by the National Security Council and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Clinton's EO 13166 of August 11, 2000, entitled Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency, requires federal agencies to provide "programs and activities normally provided in English" to non-English-speaking residents. This effectively elevates the inability to speak English to a protected civil right.

Clinton's Executive Order 13087 of May 28, 1998 added "sexual orientation" to the list of categories (race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, age) entitled to "affirmative" employment practices in all federal departments and agencies. No federal law authorized this action.

Executive Orders to Implement a Global Agenda 
Clinton's EO 13107 on Implementation of Human Rights Treaties attempts to bypass the constitutional requirement that treaties, to be valid, must be ratified by the Senate. This EO sets up a framework to implement our alleged "obligations" under UN treaties on human rights "to which the United States is now or may become a party in the future."

Clinton signed two protocols in 2000 to the unratified UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since both protocols would require us to report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, which is a creation of Article 44 of the unratified Convention on the Rights of the Child, the real purpose of these protocols is to validate an unratified UN treaty, not to protect children.

Clinton's EO 12852 in 1993 created the President's Commission on Sustainable Development, which has resulted in many federal programs and regulations to implement Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. The Commission even has a program to develop "sustainability" curriculum for the schools, which would teach children the UN's views about the environment and wealth distribution.

Executive Orders to Globalize our Military 
Clinton's Presidential Decision Directive 25 of May 1994 presumes to give himself the authority "to place U.S. forces under the operational control of a foreign commander." It enables the President to put U.S. troops under foreign command and also under foreign rules of engagement. The full text of PDD 25 has never been released.

When the Clinton Administration ordered American troops to go on a so-called "peacekeeping" expedition to Macedonia, U.S. troops were ordered to wear the United Nations uniform. The court-martialing of Army Specialist Michael New, who protested this order because it conflicted with his oath to the U.S. Constitution as well as military orders, was a watershed event on the way to abandoning the U.S. Armed Services to foreign command.

Executive Orders to Grab Land  
Clinton's EO 13061, the American Heritage Rivers Initiative issued September 11, 1997, purported to give the President the power to take over 10 rivers a year. This EO on Rivers takes governing authority away from states and localities, and threatens private property rights guaranteed by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Clinton's Grand Escalante Grab of 1.7 million acres of Utah land for a national park in 1996 included a trillion dollars worth of clean-burning, low-sulfur hard coal.

The UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program was agreed to by the Clinton Administration in 1995 when our State Department pledged that the U.S. will adhere to the Biosphere conditions and limitations laid down by UNESCO.

Executive Orders to Spend Tax Dollars  
The Clinton Administration has spent billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars to bail out corrupt, bankrupt Asian regimes, some with money direct from the the U.S. Treasury and some through international lending agencies largely financed by the U.S., such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

National Security

We note the huge contrast between President Ronald Reagan's prescription for peace, "Peace through strength," and the policy of the Clinton Administration best summarized by Madeleine Albright: "What's the point of having this superb military that you're always talking about if we can't use it?"

Nuclear Weapons 
Russia still has almost 6,000 nuclear warheads deployed on strategic ballistic missiles, has 10 of its most sophisticated ICBMs on "combat alert," continues to modernize its arsenal, and exports missile technologies to countries hostile to the United States.

China has 300 nuclear warheads already deployed on ballistic missiles and has 13 ICBMs targeted on U.S. cities. The Cox Report released in May 1999 exposed China's success in obtaining U.S. military technology through espionage, transfers of technology as part of all commercial transactions, and illegal political donations especially to Clinton's reelection.

The list of Third World countries developing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, plus ballistic missile delivery systems, includes North Korea, Iran and Iraq. The bipartisan Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States, the Donald Rumsfeld Commission, unanimously reported in 1998 that the U.S would have "little or no warning before operational deployment" by rogue states of missiles capable of reaching the United States.

The 1972 ABM Treaty — Congress has a constitutional duty to "provide for the common defense" and should deploy an anti-missile system at once in order to save American lives. We should reject all the arguments of those who say we are prohibited from doing this by the 1972 ABM Treaty because (1) we should never give another country the power to decide how we defend ourselves, (2) the country we signed it with, the old Soviet Union, no longer exists, and (3) the Soviet Union has repeatedly violated the treaty anyway.

Clinton's War in Yugoslavia — Clinton started a war against Yugoslavia by bombing a sovereign country that had never attacked or even threatened the U.S. or our allies. His act of aggression was not authorized by the U.S. Constitution, by NATO or UN charters, or by any act of Congress. This is the mark of a dictator. His war caused incalculable damage to American constitutional government, to the cause of truth, and to innocent civilians in Yugoslavia.

Clinton's Foreign Peacekeeping — A major problem with military morale today is the assignment of U.S. military personnel to foreign conflicts that bear no relation to American national security. The U.S. Armed Services should not be required to serve as global cops or global social workers, and Clinton's attempt to transform the mission of the military is a major reason for the decline in recruitment and retention rates. Honorable servicemen should not be court-martialed for refusing to wear a United Nations uniform or for refusing to be "shot" with the experimental, controversial anthrax vaccine.

Communist China — Communist China is the greatest national security threat to America today and in the foreseeable future. China is rapidly building a modern war machine based on espionage, theft, trade deals that include technology transfers, and the cash provided by a $70 billion-a-year favorable balance of trade with the U.S. (China sells us $83 billion but buys only $13 billion.) With this U.S. money, China is building an awesome military arsenal. The 1999 Cox Report officially documents the nexus among Chinese espionage, trade with China, and illegal Chinese campaign donations.

Panama Canal — The Communist Chinese are now the gatekeeper of our magnificent U.S.-built Panama Canal because a Hong Kong firm, Hutchison Whampoa, has acquired 50-year leases to occupy a strategic port at each end of the Canal: Balboa on the Pacific and Cristobal on the Atlantic. The Panama Canal is still vital to America military security and commercial interests, as well as to preventing illegal drugs from flowing from Columbia to the United States.

Feminization of the Military — It's no wonder that the services are having trouble with their recruitment and retention goals when the Clinton Administration civilian feminists have feminized the military, which they call making it gender-neutral. Dumbing down the physical and psychological requirements to the capabilities of the average woman, and then having Pentagon and military officers tell us that women are performing equally with men, is very destructive of military morale.

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