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America in the Twilight of Truth
“The Tragedy of Transgenderism, Part 3”

Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D., National Chairman, Eagle Forum’s Court Watch
President, Blackstone Institute
January 31, 2018

In February, America celebrates “President Day.” America’s presidents are honored on a federal holiday held the third Monday of February. This month is, therefore, a most fitting time for us to reflect upon the principles – the “true truths” (Francis Schaeffer) – upon which our nation was founded.

These principles can be more fully understood when applied in the context of current critical controversies ripping America apart. “The Tragedy of Transgenderism” offers an undeniably clear picture of these principles because the transgenderism movement so flagrantly violates four primary principles guaranteed in the U. S. Constitution. The study of principles, values, etc. is known as “axiology.” Therefore, we shall continue our study of the “tragedy of transgenderism” by studying axiology as the “second core concept” of transgenderism and the Humanistic worldview of which it is such a militant component. The axiological myths (principles) we discover are Humanistic masks feverishly employed by transgenderism supporters to eliminate four fundamental principles – truths – of the Constitution.

These four fundamental principles are clearly stated in Amendments 5 and 14 to the Constitution. In each case, we shall express here the Judeo-Christian/Constitutional meaning of the guarantee (with particular reference to the Declaration of Independence as an amplification of that guarantee) and then reveal a brief example of the manner in which transgenderism violates the guarantee. The principles and their philosophical foundations are:

    • “Person”/The dignity of man;
    • “Life”/The sanctity of human life;
    • “Liberty”/The “blessings of liberty”;
    • “Law”/The rule of law.


(1.) PERSONHOOD: The Dignity of Man – The “persons” protected by the Constitution are creatures of great “dignity” – superior value. The Declaration recognizes several pillars on which the dignity of man rests. (a) (1)“All men are created” – Man does not evolve from something, or someone lower than himself, but is directly created by God above him. Man is God’s preeminent creation, just “a little lower than the angels” says Scripture in Psalms and Hebrews. (2) But God did not stop with creating man. He “endowed” man – granted to man, conferred upon man something that ipso facto is of supreme importance and, inherently essential to man’s dignity. (3) The endowment was “inalienable rights” – rights of the highest order, superior to all others and, again, coming to man directly from God, NOT from human government or any other agency. Only a creation of the greatest dignity – man – could be described in these terms. This is “true truth.”

But also clearly a part of man’s God-created dignity is the binary sexual nature of the human race. Man created God in two sexes, and only two, as a part of his dignified nature. When transgenderism’s myth that masks this truth claims grounds for (1) recognizing more than two sexes, or “genders,” and (2) allowing individuals to transform themselves into another sex/”gender” than that with which they were physically born, transgenderism attempts to mask the truth of the personhood of man. The dignity of man deteriorates into the degradation of man, and the very Creator Himself is slapped in the face by such efforts to fundamentally alter His design for the human race.

(2) LIFE: The sanctity of human life/the individual – The Declaration reveals at least four additional pillars undergirding this Judeo-Christian value. The “true truth” includes these facts. (a.) All men are created . . . .” “All” is a term of multiplicity – many individual units are pictured, not just one giant totality. Thus, each unit is created, endowed, etc. in and of himself directly by God. From no party, social class, etc. does he derive his unique specialness. (b) “All men are created “equal” – each unit/person is equal to every other unit/person in the eyes of God. Thus, each individual human life is of equal sanctity before God. (c) Furthermore, “life” is not only an “inalienable right,” but it is the first such right listed. Indeed, if there is no life, there are no rights. Transgenderism’s fierce commitment to the myth of the “quality of life,” including one’s right to attempt to alter his sex/gender if that enhances his “life’s quality” as he so determines, defies both his sanctity and dignity of life, because both sanctity and dignity emanate directly from God and are beyond the control of any human instrument, including the individual himself. Biology unequivocally confirms this truth.

(3) LIBERTY: The blessings of liberty – The true truth concerning the supreme value of this guarantee is that (a) it, too, is created by God, is an unalienable right, and is a right directly conferred upon man by his Creator. But two additional pillars undergird this preeminent guarantee. It is (b) is precious, but not unlimited. No person/individual has the right to do whatever he please, whenever, wherever, etc. The Declaration clearly places this right in the total environment created by God. Thus, God’s law and the inalienable rights of others must be respected by each individual human being. (c) This expectation/necessity adds a vital dimension to man’s nature – he is a responsible, rational creature. He is designed to respect the legitimate limits on his liberty because he is also designed as a rational creature capable of understanding this truth and a responsible creature capable of acting according to this truth. This very high view of man is decimated and masked by transgenderism’s Humanistic myth that each person has the liberty to decide for himself what his “sex/gender” shall be – regardless of God’s laws or the good of other human beings. Transgenderism thus transmogrifies the right to liberty into the right to licentiousness.

(4) LAW: The Rule of Law – The Declaration gives us a clear picture of the true truth concerning this fourth fundamental guarantee of the Constitution. (a) Three broad categories of law exist, in an indisputable order: (i.) “God’s Law” (most clearly expressed in Scripture, as Blackstone asserted); (ii.) “natural law” which is built into nature by God and is always consistent with level (i.); (iii.) Civil law, or man-made law, which is fully valid only so long as it comports with the two higher levels of law. (b.) Civil law is established by God to perform specific functions. The Declaration states broadly this law’s over-arching purpose: “to protect unalienable rights.” The Constitution gives specificity to this broad statement by listing in its Preamble six specific purposes which collectively protect unalienable rights. (c) Although civil law is to be effective and efficient in performing its functions, there are limits to its reach. This is clear in the Declaration, where a long list of grievances against the British government pictures very specific types and areas of activity where government lacks authority to intrude. And in broad sweep, civil law is always limited by the two levels of law superior to it – natural law, and God’s law. But myth-ridden transgenderism/Humanism morph the “rule of law” into the mockery of “rule of lawlessness.” And the right to “self-determination” deteriorates into the right to self-destruction by transgendered persons.

In summary, the axiology of transgenderism/Humanism spews forth malevolent myths masking true truths by opposing at every turn each of the four truths/fundamental principles we have declared. Axiological anarchy prevails. And America thus becomes a society far too similar to that of ancient Israel described in Judges 21: 25: “In those days there was no king [i.e., true law]. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” For the survival of the culture and the Christian church in America, Christians must more than ever be potent and pervasive “salt and light,” dispelling the darkness engulfing the truth in our nation today.