July 7, 2018

The National Eagle Forum’s Court Watch chairman, Dr. Virginia Armstrong, has just released the following statement: Eagle Forum’s Court Watch is delighted to join many companion groups involved in judicial nominations in heartily endorsing for nomination to the vacant seat on SCOTUS, Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett (7th Circuit Court of Appeals). Our considerable research clearly marks her as the “head and shoulders above all other candidates” in a group including many fine conservative, Constitutionalist choices.

Immediately upon her nomination, she was endorsed by such experts as the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Judicial Action Group, the “National Review,” and Bloomberg.  Just a few days later, even CNN and the LA Times carried pieces outlining the benefits that she would bring to the Court, the Country, and the President. Judge Barrett’s qualifications are impeccable regardless of the criteria employed:  personal, professional/judicial, philosophical, and/or political. She is the “Supreme Choice for the Supreme Court”; and we shall work prayerfully and diligently to bring to the Court this true Conservative, Constitutionalist  “Madame Justice.”