October 16, 2017

”Christians Confronting the Culture with Commitment, Competence, and Compassion” is the theme of a series of events in which Eagle Forum Court Watch Chairman, Virginia Armstrong, is centrally involved. The events will be hosted by Solid Rock Camps, a beautiful, growing interdenominational facility located midway between the DFW Metroplex and Abilene. Virginia will be the kick-off speaker for a “Purity of the Mind” Conference for all adults scheduled for October 20-21.

In the weeks immediately afterward, she and the Blackstone Institute will present workshops at the Camp with the subtitle, “America in the Twilight of Truth.” The Camp has asked her to serve part-time as its Coordinator/Consultant for Educational Programs, helping the facility to develop a full-blown “Confronting the Culture” initiative. A number of Camp leaders are politically active in GOP life and in related organizations. Virginia’s work with Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum they consider a great advantage! And in Virginia’s formal plans for both the Camp and NextGen Eagles, she strongly recommends that unique and compelling programs be offered at the Camp for Next Gen leaders, especially advanced leadership training. Virginia’s Court Watch work will continue; she hopes to send updates on the “Confrontation” initiative during the next weeks through our Eagle Forum network.