May 2, 2019

Eagle Forum was honored to participate in the Secure the Grid Press Conference in Montgomery, Alabama April 29, 2019.

I was honored to participate with the pre-eminent authorities on EMP who were convened at Maxwell Air Force base,” said Commander Theresa Hubbard, Eagle Forum Counter Terrorism Chairman.

Speakers supported President Trump’s recently unveiled Executive Order 13865 calling for the protection of the Nation’s critical infrastructure. . . As it happens a large number of America’s authorities on such highly technical, but well-documented, subjects were in Montgomery to attend an important series of presentations, war games and planning sessions at the Air University, sponsored by the Air Force Training and Education Command’s Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF). This multi-day conference was aimed at helping realize the President’s directive and secure the country against EMP and similar threats. The work of the EDTF is compelling evidence that, EPRI’s “junk science” study notwithstanding, there is a huge national security problem with our critical infrastructure and the President is absolutely right that it must be addressed immediately.

Here is the conference:

Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith issued a statement of appreciation to “all who gave their expertise in defense of the American people from the EMP threat” including Ambassador Henry Cooper, General Ken Chrosniak, Dr. Peter Pry, Dr. William Radasky, Dr. William Graham, Thomas Popkik, and Frank Gaffney. Smith said, “You are our heroes.”

The following debunks the “junk science” report: Selling Snake Oil to America