February 10, 2017

Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness wrote in her recent mailing, “I warned in a message to you last December, advocates of radical social change in our military are not giving up, even though President Barack Obama has left the White House.” 

Center for Military ReadinessShe said, “Under the Obama/Mabus Navy “Diversity & Inclusion” Roadmap, the only people “protected” from discrimination will be politically-favored demographic groups, including sexual minorities and transgenders in the military. Implementation without question will change the very definition of “diversity” from a positive, non-discriminatory concept to a coercive one. It would also change the culture of Navy and Marine Corps to civilian-type “equal opportunity” employers.”

She references Rowan Scarborough’s astonishing story in the Washington Times, “Navy’s ‘Diversity Road Map’ Lays Foundation for Multiethnic Force Protected Against Discrimination,” and then offers a brief memo she wrote and addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis explaining why this issue requires serious attention. “The Trump Administration is just beginning and there is time to reverse extreme PC in the military,” Elaine said.