November 6, 2017

constitutionUnfortunately, after languishing for months in the Wisconsin Senate, AJR21 (BBA) and its accompanying Delegate bills AB165 and AJR20 are scheduled for a Senate vote this Tuesday, Nov. 7th.

This is the very last vote on AJR21 which, if passed, would make Wisconsin the 28th state to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment application. Please blast again, and it’s important to make phone calls/leave short messages by Monday.

Special bonus: defeating the BBA in Wisconsin would cause COS to lose momentum in WI, as well as rub off on neighboring Minnesota.

Since Wisconsin Republicans are big believers in the second amendment, consider focusing on the fact that conventions can’t be limited; and the second amendment may very well disappear should an Article V convention be called. Twelve Republican senators are sponsors of current WI gun rights legislation.

HERE are talking points against general A5C bills. HERE is an excellent article from a local Wisconsin paper, opposed, which both parties might relate to. 

For Republicans, THIS ARTICLE explains how gun rights may be lost at a convention. Or HERE is PH’s article explaining how a BBA would expand the federal government, not limit it.

Please make short phone calls/voice messages to these 18 Republican Senators by Monday — we need 4 of the following Republicans (plus the Dems) to vote NO on AJR21 to defeat it.  (Call asterisks first):

Senator Robert Cowles (608) 266-0484
Senator Alberta Darling (608) 266-5830
Senator Daniel Feyen (608) 266-5300
Senator Scott Fitzgerald** (608) 266-5660
Senator Sheila Harsdorf** (608) 266-7745
Senator Frank Lasee (608) 266-3512
Senator Devin LeMahieu (608) 266-2056
Senator Howard Marklein (608) 266-0703
Senator Terry Moulton (608) 266-7511
Senator Stephen Nass (608) 266-2635
Senator Luther Olsen (608) 266-0751
Senator Jerry Petrowski (608) 266-2502
Senator Roger Roth** (608) 266-0718
Senator Duey Stroebel (608) 266-7513
Senator Patrick Testin (608) 266-3123
Senator Thomas Tiffany (608) 266-2509
Senator Leah Vukmir (608) 266-2512
Senator Van Wanggaard (608) 266-1832

And although we blasted them last week, please write to the following 31 Wisconsin Senators again, and ask them to VOTE NO on AJR21 (SJR18); and NO on accompanying Delegate bills AJR20 and AB165, and any other Article V Convention Applications from Wisconsin.

Dear Senator (18 Republicans):
Dear Senator (13 Democrats):

Thank you for defending our Constitution!