February 5, 2017
Janine Hansen, Eagle Forum National Constitutional Issues Chairman
I would like help in compiling the many and varied “possible amendments” promised by the Convention of States depending upon which state they are working on.  Please send me links or quotes from your state on the promises of amendments by COS.
In 2015 in Nevada Mark Meckler stated in testimony for COS, “We see there here in Nevada. We see that the majority of this state’s land is owned by the federal government, with no intention of their returning it to the state. You can have it returned through a constitution amendment under Article V.”
Right now in North Carolina http://www.cosaction.com/north_carolina
“And with a strategic plan in place, it is North Carolina’s time to shine. Rep. Bert Jones leads the way again. HB2 and the marriage amendment are obvious talking points for NC. Also, 2nd amendment rights, Common Core, employment, voter ID laws. COS addresses these and more.”
Thank you for all you do!  Please send me updates from your state which I can share. Janine