July 3, 2017

Dear North Carolina Legislative Leaders:

Thank you for your courageous stand in opposing a call for a Convention of the States.

To have a large number of unknown delegates from the 50 states messing with our constitution would put at risk our First and Second Amendments.

Passing a Balanced Budget would upset the separation of powers since the SCOTUS would determine taxing and spending in the event of a legislative deadlock. A BBA would not stop the Big Spenders but would be a cover for raising taxes.

Our godly founding fathers could never have envisioned the moral and spiritual bankruptcy our nation is experiencing today with the corruption we are experiencing politically and promoted by a leftist media.

It is imperative that politicians and a judiciary who respect and will enforce the original constitution be elected or appointed.

A COS is not the solution. Enforcement of the Constitution and Rule of Law is the answer.

God bless you and best wishes for a Happy 4th of July!

Shirley Spellerberg