At noon on February 14, 2018, the Executive Board of the Legislative Council of the
Nebraska Legislature heard LR277 to rescind all previous applications by the Nebraska
Legislature for Article V Constitutional Conventions.

Janine Hansen

Five people testified in favor of rescission including Janine Hansen, National Constitutional Issues Chairman of Eagle Forum from Nevada, Renee Fry Executive Director of the Open Sky Policy Institute, Kathy Wilmot Nebraska Eagle Forum, Gavin Geis of Common Cause, and John Cartier Director Voting Rights/Nebraska for Civic Reform. One Convention of States advocate in a ball cap and T-shirts came in late after our testimonies and personally attacked Janine and Kathy confusing who was who and alleging that we were funded by George Soros. We had had a good laugh over that false accusation.

The Committee was very welcoming and asked good questions. It appears that a majority of the committee supports rescission however the Chairman appears to be for an Article V therefore against rescission. Kathy continues to work in coalition to defeat LR6 Convention of States, LR268 Wolf Pac, and LB1058 Faithful Delegate Legislation.

Kathy has a full scheduled arranged for Janine. Tuesday night Janine spoke at public meeting on Article V sponsored by the Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom in Omaha. This morning Janine had a radio interview on KBRL, McCook, Nebraska. We met with individual Senators at the Capitol this afternoon. Thursday there is a meeting with Janine, Legislators and the public at the Capitol between 8-10:15 am, and more meetings with Senators after that. At noon Janine will have the opportunity to share with the Nebraska Club which includes conservative Senators, and then at 6:30 pm Janine will speak to the Win It Back Tea Party Patriots of Dodge County. Kathy has done a magnificent job.

We appreciate all organizations working to preserve and protect our Constitution!