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Will a Dark Horse Take the Republican Reins? 
Although the next presidential election won't take place until November 2008, and the nominating conventions won't convene until next August and September, the media have been covering the candidates all through 2007 as though they were running a horse race. What is it about presidential politics that evokes horse-race metaphors?   12-26-07

Questions Republican Candidates Should Answer  
Why are questions about Communist China asked only in the Democratic presidential debates? We want to know what the Republican candidates plan to do about China sending us poisoned foods and toys.   12-19-07

To Assimilate Or Not To Assimilate; That's The Question 
Are you tired of anonymous voices on the phone telling you to "Press 1 (or sometimes 2) for English"? The ability to speak and communicate in English is the litmus test of whether our immigrants are assimilating into the American culture or not. technicality.    12-12-07

Atheism Back in Court Again 
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on December 4 will again hear a challenge by Michael Newdow to the Pledge of Allegiance and its phrase "under God." Newdow won his prior lawsuit against the Pledge until the Supreme Court, perhaps to avoid public outrage in the 2004 presidential election year, tossed out his case on a procedural technicality.   12-05-07

Feminist Abuse of Domestic Violence Laws 
The radical feminists have devised a scheme to cash in on a flow of taxpayers' money in a big way. Their good buddy Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) has just introduced a bill called I-VAWA (International Violence Against Women Act, S. 2279).   11-28-07

Bad New Plans to Rewrite the Constitution 
Let's face it. Some people, especially liberals, just don't like our United States Constitution. Every few years, they come up with wild or devious plans to make major changes.    11-21-07

What Republicans Want in a Presidential Candidate 
The media have designated the frontrunners for Republican and Democratic nominations for President and seem to expect American voters to line up behind one of them right now even though the national nominating conventions won't take place until next summer. Most Republicans are still shopping, and here are some of the statements they would like hear from a presidential candidate.    11-14-07

Let's Protect American Jobs 
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is an old verse that just isn't true. Indeed, words can hurt, break up marriages, destroy careers, and defeat political candidates.    11-07-07

The Patent Act Is A Cheat On Americans 
When displaced American workers complain about outsourcing U.S. manufacturing jobs to take advantage of cheap Chinese factory labor, and about insourcing low-paid Asians on H-1B visas to take engineering and computer jobs, the globalists and multinational corporations have a ready answer. They recite in chorus: don't worry, be happy, because American technology and innovation enable us to compete in the global market.    10-31-07

Supreme Court Case Proves "LOST" Must Sink 
A case now before the Supreme Court proves why the Senate must defeat the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (known as LOST). The oral arguments heard this month by the justices didn't mention the treaty, but the parallels are powerful.    10-24-07

Dream Act Is Backdoor Amnesty 
The American people rose up out of their usual apathy this year and soundly defeated the Bush-Kennedy-McCain-Kyl bill to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Now, some Senators are trying to get Congress to pass a backdoor amnesty by calling it the DREAM Act, and it's really a nightmare for Americans.    10-17-07

Scholars Explain Bush's SPP  
Those who seek to understand what's behind the chatter about Bush's Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) as a possible prelude to a North American Union (NAU), similar to the European Union (EU), should read the 35-page White Paper published recently by the prestigious Hudson Institute called "Negotiating North America: The Security and Prosperity Partnership." This Washington, DC think tank is blunt and detailed in describing where SPP is heading.    10-10-07

Advice To College Students: Don't Major In English 
The bad news is that Shakespeare has disappeared from required courses in English departments at more than three-fourths of the top 25 U.S. universities, but the good news is that only 1.6 percent of America's 19 million undergraduates major in English (according to Department of Education figures). When I visit college campuses, students for years have been telling me that the English departments are the most radicalized of all departments, more so than sociology, psychology, anthropology, or even women's studies.    10-3-07

Sink The Law Of The Sea Again  
With all the critical problems facing America today, it's hard to see why President Bush is wasting whatever is left of his presidential clout to partner with Democratic presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden (DE) to try to get the Senate to ratify the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). As Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden is scheduled to hold a hearing loaded with pro-LOST witnesses and then try to sneak through ratification while the public is focused on other globalism and giveaway mischief.    9-26-07

Two Dubai-Ports/Harriet Miers Moments Coming  
It looks like we will soon have two more Dubai-Ports/Harriet Miers moments. President Bush has climbed out on the edge of a limb and it is about to get sawed off because he is clearly flouting the wishes of the American people.    9-19-07

Self-Government Is In Peril From The SPP 
It's now leaking out that there was more going on than met the eye at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit in Montebello, Canada in August. The three amigos, Bush, Harper and Calderon, finalized and released the "North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza."    9-12-07

Bush Refuses To Deny The North American Agenda 
The three-nation summit at Montebello, Quebec, was held behind closed doors, well guarded behind an intimidating fence and plenty of police, but the news conference that followed on August 21 revealed more than the three heads of state had planned. President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon all refused to deny that the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is a stepping stone toward a North American Union.    9-05-07

The Latest Fad In Public Schools 
Every few years a new fad sweeps across the public schools. We've had self-esteem, new math, whole language, New Age, outcome-based education, school-to-work, mental health screening, school-based clinics, global education, diversity, multiculturalism, and early childhood education.    8-29-07

The NEA Lists Its Goals And Democrats Agree  
Some critics have complained that the issue of education has been conspicuously absent from presidential television debates. But the Democratic candidates did sound off with their pro-federal-government, pro-spending policies when addressing the annual convention of the National Education Association, and the nation's largest teachers union liked what they heard.    8-22-07

Americans Need China-Free Food 
The scandal of imported products from Communist China has accelerated to a level that the public should demand "China-free" labels on anything that goes into a mouth. This includes not only food, vitamins and medicines but toothpaste and toys which, as all parents know, go into children's mouths.    8-15-07

Plans for Economic Integration 
Canada in the summer and Mexico in the spring offer good weather for planning international policies. Nervousness about the political weather, however, is putting the third Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit on August 20-21 at a site where the uninvited can be easily excluded: the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello resort about 50 miles outside of Quebec.    8-08-07

The Globalists' Plan To Give Away U.S. Patents 
In extraordinary Senate-House coordination, the two Judiciary committees in the same week voted out a bill (S.1145 and H.R.1908) which, if it becomes law, will spell the end of America's world leadership in innovation. Called the Patent Reform Act, it is a direct attack on the unique, successful American patent system created by the U.S. Constitution.    8-01-07

A Child's Right To A Father And Mother 
Debates about same-sex marriage and gay adoptions always include the argument that a child has the right to both a father and a mother. If that is true, why is a child usually deprived of that right when heterosexual couples divorce?    7-25-07

Look Out For Another Big Spending Boondoggle 
A new grab for power over education now lurking in the corridors of Congress reminds me of a song popular in the Harry James/Frank Sinatra era: "I've Heard That Song Before." Section 3401, inserted by the Senate (but not the House) in the pending America COMPETES Act (S.761), would give us another costly and harmful expansion of the federal education bureaucracy.    7-18-07

The Voters Roared, The Senate Heard 
Contrary to continuing media propaganda, the 2006 election and the killing of the Senate "comprehensive" immigration bill do NOT prove that anti-amnesty is a loser for Republicans. The Democrats who won in 2006 campaigned with Republican-rhetoric messages calling for border security, and they kept their promises in the decisive cloture vote on June 28.    7-11-07

Foreign Trade Demands A Level Playing Field  
The bipartisan Border Tax Equity Act (H.R. 2600) has just been introduced by Congressmen Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Mike Michaud (D-ME), and Walter Jones (R-NC).    7-04-07

So-Called Patent Reform Cheats U.S. Inventors 
The globalists are making a new attempt to circumvent and weaken a right explicitly recognized in the U.S. Constitution: Americans' exclusive ownership of their own inventions. Fortunately, Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and Sam Brownback (R-KS) have exposed this mischief and called on Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Ranking Republican Arlen Specter (R-PA) to slow down and discuss the proposed legislation before making costly mistakes.    6-27-07

Americans Want English As Our Official Language 
Hardly anyone predicted that the Bush-Kennedy-Kyl-Reid steamroller could be stopped. But as the New York Times reported on page one, the "Grass Roots Roared, and an Immigration Plan Fell."    6-20-07

Advice For Education Secretary Spellings 
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, please call your boss and urge him to read your May 9 speech to the National Summit on America's Silent Epidemic in Washington, DC. Your eloquence in describing the silent epidemic was exceeded only by our shock at the facts you described.

Raiding U.S. Taxpayers' Pockets 
As the details of the Kennedy-Kyl (K-K) amnesty/guest worker bill unfold, it is becoming apparent that the globalists' plan for the economic integration of North America is not just a figment of the imagination of conspiracy believers, or an "urban legend" as one newspaper called it, or even just a pipe dream of far-out world federalists. The K-K bill will accomplish economic integration by legalizing 20 million aliens immediately and inviting tens of millions more (relatives of the amnestied plus guest workers) to enter legally in the coming years.    6-06-07

Immigration Sellout, Not Reform 
The Kennedy-Kyl (K-K) Amnesty bill should be titled An Act to Destroy the Republican Party because it pits President Bush against the majority of the Party that elected him. When Senator Ted Kennedy appeared as the centerpiece of the photo-op announcing it, that told the grassroots all they needed to know about the politics of the deal trumpeted as bipartisan.

Deep-Six The Law Of The Sea  
Borrowing the famous words of General Douglas MacArthur that "old soldiers never die, they just fade away," we can now see that old treaties never die, they can be resurrected years or even decades after taking what we thought was a knockout punch.   5-23-07

The Price Of Imported Food Is Too High 
The vast production of American food is one of the greatest achievements of our free enterprise society and of our superior system of patents that encouraged the invention of fantastically efficient farm machinery. In one of our favorite patriotic songs, we wax lyrical about our ďamber waves of grain."   5-16-07

What Cho Learned In The English Department 
What was the motive behind 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hui's killing of 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech? Why was he consumed with hate, resentment and bitterness?   5-09-07

Why U.S. Jobs Move Overseas  
Why do U.S. companies relocate their plants overseas, thereby abolishing U.S. jobs? (a) they can hire workers at very low wages (such as 30 cents an hour in China), (b) the companies don't have to pay any employee benefits, (c) they don't have to comply with safety and environmental regulations, (d) they don't have to pay foreign taxes when they export their products back to us.   5-02-07

Let's Get Rid Of Foreigners' $327 Billion Trading Advantage 
Daniel Drew, the legendary 19th century Wall Street insider, reputedly said that all he wanted in any deal was "a little unfair advantage." Most of America's trade competitors seem to want the same thing, or even a big unfair advantage.   4-25-07

New Awakening About Free Trade 
On the first day that H-1B visas became available, the corporations snapped up all that are allowed. Our government received 150,000 applications for the 85,000 slots set aside to bring in foreign skilled workers.   4-18-07

What Colleges Don't Teach 
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings says that the Federal Government needs some accountability for the billions of dollars the taxpayers pour into university education.   4-11-07

Open Letter To President Bush 
I am glad to see that you fired some U.S. Attorneys. But you missed one: U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, who prosecuted Border Guards Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean instead of a professional drug smuggler, and who prosecuted Texas Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez instead of a professional people smuggler.   4-04-07

Deceitful Tactics Used To Make Puerto Rico A State 
Even though Puerto Rico has three times voted against becoming a U.S. state, yet another effort is being made to persuade Puerto Rico to change its mind.   3-28-07

Congress's Opportunity To Restore Parental Rights 
The reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Education Act offers Congress a splendid opportunity to enforce parents' rights that have been outrageously trampled on by the public schools.   3-21-07

Bush Opens Our Border To Mexican Trucks 
Our federal and state highways and bridges are among America's great assets; they enable us to drive freely and safely all over our country, and they belong to all of us, paid for by our taxes. But they are expensive assets; they require maintenance, repair, and expansion due to rising population and traffic.   3-14-07

Experimenting On Teen Girls 
It all looked so easy. Just hire lobbyists who have access to the right public officials, make strategic campaign contributions, and finance a front for women to carry your message.   3-07-07

Will Biden Lead The Way To More Feminist Pork? 
The feminists have cooked up a new plan to raid the U.S. Treasury for more feminist pork. They want Congress to pass the I-VAWA (International Violence Against Women Act).  2-28-07

Let's Prosecute Drug Smugglers, Not Border Guards 
With mounting bipartisan criticism from Republican Congressmen and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Department of Justice has stepped up an unprecedented public relations campaign to defend its prosecution of Border Guards Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, now serving 11- and 12-year prison terms. But new facts keep emerging to prove that this prosecution was a gross injustice.  2-21-07

Time to UNsign CEDAW 
The sweetest Valentine Republican Senators could give to American women would be to announce that they will filibuster until Christmas if Senate Democrats try to ratify the offensive United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).  2-14-07

Try Parenting Instead Of Mental Health Screening 
Mental health screening of all children is the goal of legislation introduced into many state legislatures this year. Typical of these highly controversial bills is the Missouri bill that would require every Missouri school district, in collaboration with "the office of comprehensive child mental health," to develop "a policy of incorporating social and emotional development into the district's educational program."   2-07-07

Hillary's "Mom Strategy" Gets Off To A Bumpy Start 
Hillary Clinton has finally announced her run for the presidency. According to her erstwhile friend, political pundit Dick Morris, she will run on the "Mom Strategy" which, he says, "gives her a credible way to tack to the left on the war."   1-31-07

Marc Tucker Presents a Warmed-Over Plan 
The problems with public schools — low scores and lack of discipline — are bad and not improving. Therefore, we need the federal government to take the management of schools away from school boards, and we need state taxpayers to take the funding of schools away from local jurisdictions.  1-24-07

Bush's Plan To Bankrupt Social Security 
President Bush's secret plan for Social Security has just been released to the public in response to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by TREA Senior Citizens League, a million-member seniors advocacy group. For four years, the President carried on an energetic public relations campaign to promote his plan to privatize part of Social Security, but he kept under White House lock and key the "Totalization" agreement his administration secretly made with Mexico in June 2004.   1-17-07

Cheers For An Independent Judge 
Marketing policy of the book publishing industry now calls for a catchy title followed by an explanatory subtitle. "The Tyranny of Tolerance" was published this month with the subtitle: "A Sitting Judge Breaks the Code of Silence to Expose the Liberal Judicial Assault."   1-10-07

We Need Compassion For Our Border Guards 
President George W. Bush pardoned 16 criminals including five drug dealers at Christmastime, but so far has refused to pardon the two U.S. Border Patrol agents who were trying to defend Americans against drug smugglers. It makes us wonder which side the self-proclaimed "compassionate" President is on.   1-03-07

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