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Time To End The Censorship 
The most censored speech in America today is not flag-burning, pornography, or the press. The worst censors are those prohibiting criticism of the theory of evolution in the classroom.   12-29-04

The Judge And The President vs. The People 
Another activist judge strikes again! Federal Judge David C. Bury overturned the will of the people and enjoined enforcement of Arizona's Proposition 200, which would require Arizonans to provide proof of citizenship in order to register to vote and require a valid ID to be presented when applying for benefits paid for by Arizona taxpayers.   12-22-04

Nearly Eight Years In Prison Without A Trial  
"I want to go to trial on Monday; I've been locked up for nearly eight years," Dr. Tom Sell declared. "The federal court has no evidence, they have no witnesses. I want my trial one week from today. I am not incompetent in any way, shape or form."   12-15-04

Supreme Court Wrestles With Title IX  
Not content with forcing colleges and universities to eliminate hundreds of male athletic teams, the radical feminists are now trying to persuade the Supreme Court to create a private cause of action so that activist judges can make personnel decisions about who should coach the teams.   12-08-04

Homeland Security Should Protect Us From Diseases 
Media headlines are blaming the House leadership for preventing passage of the giant Intelligence bill designed to restructure homeland security, but negotiations bogged down on the question of what to do about illegal aliens. How can we protect homeland security unless the government stops the invasion of illegal aliens?   12-01-04

No Child Left Unmedicated 
Big Brother is on the march. A plan to subject all children to mental health screening is underway, and the pharmaceuticals are gearing up for bigger sales of psychotropic drugs.   11-24-04

Totalization: Sellout of American Workers  
The Democrats are trying to make a campaign issue out of George W. Bush's alleged plan to "privatize" Social Security, scaring seniors into thinking their checks will be cut off. That is a phony issue; all Bush suggests is to offer younger workers the option (not the compulsion) of transferring a very small part of their Social Security benefit into private investments.   11-17-04

Whom Is The Supreme Court Listening To? 
Globalism doesn't mean just accepting foreign countries' products and people across our borders. Supreme Court justices are beginning to manifest a curious fascination with foreign legal systems, too.  11-10-04

Trying To Teach Kids History 
The flap over the Department of Education consigning 300,000 copies of "Helping Your Child to Learn History" to the dumpster is evidence anew that the Federal Government should have no role in education. Illiteracy and low scores in public schools are a national scandal, but it's hard to see how federal spending improves anything.  11-03-04

Florida Redux? 
Becoming more and more hysterical at the possibility of losing the presidential election, the liberals and their media allies are psyching up the public to expect legal challenges in any states that have close elections. Florida is the focus of their paranoia because of George W. Bush's narrow win there by 537 votes in 2000.   10-27-04

The Conservative Debate 
The presidential candidate praised abstinence at a key moment in the debate in St. Louis, and he admitted that the Kyoto global warming treaty was "flawed." He looked right into the camera and said, "Absolutely. I am not going to raise taxes."   10-20-04

Don't Take My Property! 
The American Dream is to start a small business and develop it through years of hard work and investment. Millions of small businesses form the backbone of our economy, annually creating 60 to 80 percent of all new jobs.   10-13-04

Democrats Are Trying To Censor The Truth  
John Kerry's campaign is squealing like a stuck pig about Republican mailings in the swing states of Arkansas and West Virginia. Kerry must win one of those states to win in November.   10-06-04

God And The Activist Judges  
Don't think that the lawsuits about the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance are settled because Judge Roy Moore was fired and Michael Newdow lost his appeal to the Supreme Court. Dozens of similar cases are boiling up all over the country.   9-29-04

Let's Stop Judge-Ordered Tax Increases 
Our public school system is our country's biggest and most inefficient monopoly, yet it keeps demanding more and more money. Parents are shocked to learn how much public schools already consume in taxpayer dollars per student, as much as $18,700 per pupil per year.  9-22-04

Contrasts and Similarities In The Two Party Platforms 
The Republican and Democratic parties could have stirred up more television audience for their national nominating conventions by allowing the delegates to debate their party platforms. But both presidential nominees exercised such tight control that no convention debate was permitted.   9-15-04

A First Amendment Right To Teach Teens To Kill Policemen?  
The judicial supremacists have struck again. A Clinton-appointed activist judge has wrapped the First Amendment around video and computer games that teach teenagers to kill policemen.  9-08-04

Alan Keyes vs. Barack Obama  
Alan Keyes has upset the liberal game plan to crown law school lecturer Barack Obama as the new leader of blacks in America. Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton like Obama because he imitates their votes, but Americans like Keyes because he is straightforward about issues we care about.   9-01-04

How Title IX Is Holding Us Back In Athens 
The Olympic games are in full swing with the finest athletes in the world. The sine qua non of the Olympics is unlimited competition that yields record-breaking feats.   8-25-04

The Scam of Voting by Noncitizens and Felons  
As the country appears so closely divided between the red and blue states, the Democrats are seeking odd-ball constituencies to enhance their numbers. They and their liberal-advocacy law firms and lobbyists have been working for months to get convicted felons credentialed to vote for John Kerry, and now they are going after the votes of noncitizens.   8-18-04

Democratic Silence About The Courts  
The principal speakers at the Democratic National Convention conspicuously omitted one topic: the courts. The speakers didn't talk about what kind of judges John Kerry would appoint, or how his choices might affect future decisions, or why the Democrats blocked George W. Bush's appointments.   8-11-04

Taxpayer Subsidies For Illegal College Students 
It's not often that a state attorney general declines to defend a state law. Kansas passed a law allowing its illegal aliens to attend its state universities at discount tuition rates, and some out-of-state citizens who have to pay higher tuition just filed a lawsuit.   8-04-04

Political Activism Takes Center Stage With The NEA  
To no one's surprise, the annual National Education Association convention voted six-to-one (7,390 to 1,153), to endorse John Kerry for President.   7-28-04

Problems With John Edwards  
A presidential nominee's choice of a running mate is supposed to balance the ticket. John Edwards doesn't balance John Kerry's ticket ideologically, since they have the same ultra-liberal voting record. Or geographically, since Edwards can't even carry his own state, and that's why he chose not to run for reelection to the Senate.   7-21-04

Supreme Court Sides With Pornographers Again 
Do you ever wonder why the internet is so polluted with pornography? The Supreme Court just reminded us why: it blocks every attempt by Congress to regulate the pornographers.   7-14-04

To Celebrate Independence, We Must Have Sovereignty 
The handover of power to Iraq by the victorious American forces has stimulated public discussion about a word that seems to have fallen in disfavor in the last few years: sovereignty. That means the ability of a government to act without being subject to the legal control of another country or international organization, restrained only by moral principles.   7-07-04

Grassroots Win Shootout In The West 
Nevada just witnessed the political equivalent of Shootout at the OK Corral. On one side was the full power of the Nevada government, and on the other side was a grandmother armed with a pen, a petition and a clipboard.   6-30-04

Pots of Gold Behind Crosses and Ten Commandments  
The supervisors of the great Los Angeles County decided to turn tail and run rather than fight a lawsuit threatened by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Why such weak-kneed response? Lawyers for the county ominously warned that the county might lose the case and have to pay the ACLU's attorney's fees.   6-23-04

Remembering Ronald Reagan  
When Ronald Reagan became President in 1980, conventional wisdom assumed that the Soviet Union's position as a fearsome superpower was permanent. Henry Kissinger had the pessimistic belief that the Soviets had attained such nuclear power that his job, as the Nixon-Ford Russian expert, was just to negotiate the best deal he could for a weaker United States.   6-16-04

The Day After Tomorrow 
Unable to develop a coherent political ideology to oppose George W. Bush, the anti-Bush cabal has turned to humor and Hollywood. The CBS Evening News borrows jokes from the late-night comedy shows to jab at Bush every Friday evening, and we've just been treated to big fanfare about a new anti-Bush movie.   6-09-04

The Problems With Dropouts 
Poor Bill Cosby. He doesn't deserve the negative fallout that followed his remarks about the dropout rate of some poor students. Even Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP, said that most of the uproar in the press and on the internet is not about the facts Cosby cited but because he said it publicly.   6-02-04

Why The UN Isn't A Solution 
The media pundits can't understand why all the negative news coming out of Iraq doesn't produce poll results that show John Kerry defeating George W. Bush. That's probably because Kerry's solution to the Iraq problem is to turn the management over to the United Nations.   5-26-04

Equality For Women In Our Military 
The picture of the female U.S. soldier, Pfc. Lynndie England, holding a leash around the neck of a prone naked Iraqi male prisoner, like a dog, is a public relations disaster for America abroad. Just as distressing is the humiliation of America in letting the world see to what depths the gender-integrated military has taken us.   5-19-04

Don't Let Judges Jimmy Elections 
How the votes in this year's November election will be counted broke into the news last week when California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned the use of 14,000 touch-screen voting machines because of security and reliability concerns. He "decertified" 28,000 others until steps are taken to upgrade their security.   5-12-04

Don't Give Criminals A Sanctuary 
A favorite argument of those who support amnesty for illegal aliens is: current laws can't be enforced (like Prohibition and the 55-mile-an-hour speed limit) so we might as well adjust to reality. That's about like telling a woman, you can't fight your rapist, so relax and enjoy it. There must be a better solution.   5-05-04

Unsafe Life On The Border 
The television news media bring us daily, graphic reports from Iraq, where valiant Americans are battling danger, death and destruction of property. So why don't we get coverage about similar dramatic and scary confrontations taking place on the U.S. border?   4-28-04

Good News & Bad News About Stay-at-Home Moms  
When Time Magazine runs a cover story called "The Case for Staying Home," and Reuters reports that housework is good for women because it can help prevent ovarian cancer, you know the feminists are on the run. Stay-at-home moms are coming back in style.   4-21-04

We Don't Need Busybody Foreign Judges 
With all the real atrocities going on in uncivilized countries around the world, one would think that any world court looking into violations of human rights would have enough to do without trying to tell the United States how to conduct our criminal trials. But the busybody bureaucrats in the Hague masquerading as judges have just presumed to give orders to America.   4-14-04

God Is Not So Easily Defeated  
The atheists had their day before the Supreme Court, but they are not in good spirits about it. Their attempt to drive "one nation under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance now looks like a legal boomerang.   4-07-04

Who Is An American Citizen? 
In a world of inhumanity, war and terrorism, American citizenship is a very precious possession. It affords rights that residents of other countries can only dream of.   3-31-04

Ohio Lesson Plan Pleases Parents, Irks Liberals 
"Why is it important for scientists to critically analyze evolution?" That's the first question in the "student reflection" portion of an optional new 22-page section called "Critical Analysis of Evolution," which is part of Ohio's 547-page science curriculum.   3-24-04

We Should Drown Law Of The Sea 
The people who want to dissolve or diminish American sovereignty and replace it with global governance never give up. Their modus operandi is to work toward their one-world goal incrementally through United Nations treaties.   3-17-04

Ashcroft Stands Up To The Abortionists 
Abortion has been legal for over thirty years, yet little is publicly known about the practices of this billion-dollar industry. American taxpayers foot many of the costs but are left in the dark about what they fund.   3-10-04

Options For Dealing With Same-Sex Marriage Licenses 
Congress overwhelmingly passed and President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996, and there it rested peacefully on the law books until this year. Recent events are now placing the monkey squarely on the back of President George W. Bush to do his constitutional duty to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed."   3-03-04

Restoring Constitutional Separation of Powers 
The opening blast in a campaign to require the federal courts to operate within their authorized jurisdiction was unveiled last week in Montgomery, Alabama under the title the Constitution Restoration Act. The original sponsors of S. 2082 are Senators Richard Shelby, Zell Miller, Sam Brownback, and Lindsey Graham, and the original sponsors of the companion bill H.R. 3799 are Representatives Robert Aderholt and Mike Pence.   2-25-04

Does NAFTA Override The U.S. Constitution? 
The constitutional issues involved in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), passed a decade ago, have just ascended the ladder to the U.S. Supreme Court. Arguments will be heard this spring on whether the non-U.S. tribunals created by NAFTA can require our government to violate federal law in order to comply with foreign rulings.   2-18-04

Another CBS Travesty 
CBS paid big bucks for the television rights to come into the living rooms of 100 million Americans on Super Bowl Sunday. But public response to the thrilling last moments of a truly exciting football game may be overwhelmed by public disgust at CBS's airing of indecency during the half- time entertainment.   2-11-04

Stopping The Mischief Of Activist Judges 
Finally, we have a President who comes right out and targets "activist judges" as the enemy of traditional values and urges us to use "the constitutional process" to remedy the problem. President Bush's State of the Union Address laid down the gauntlet.   2-04-04

How The Democrats Plan To Win In 2004 
Despite George W. Bush's high poll numbers, the Democrats think they have the key to winning the 2004 elections. Get the votes of convicted felons. Don't laugh; the Democrats are deadly serious.   1-28-04

Amnesty By Any Other Name  
When President Bush unveiled his "temporary foreign workers" plan, he got cheers from his carefully selected invitees in the East Room of the White House, but he's getting jeers from everyone else from Rep. Tom Tancredo to Senator Ted Kennedy. We are told the plan was originally sketched by Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda on a napkin at a pre-9/11 dinner with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.   1-21-04

Confronting The Campus Radicals 
David Horowitz thinks that anybody who cares about the future of America should confront the fact that U.S. colleges and universities are the fountainhead of financing for the radical movement in America. He has personally taken up the challenge to do something about this.  1-14-04

Does Tom Ridge Believe in the Rule of Law? 
Were Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge's Miami meanderings (a) a gaffe, (b) a trial balloon, (c) an announcement of his department's policy, or (d) an announcement of Bush Administration policy? We are entitled to know the answer to that question.   1-07-04

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