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United Nations Millennium Summit
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
NEW YORK CITY, 5 September 2000 — Even before the United Nations Millennium Summit begins on Wednesday (tomorrow), the conclusions are already drawn. The consensus process used at their meetings assures the outcomes of every UN meeting. Let me explain how it works.

You have heard politicians say that they want to give you, parents and taxpayers, local control of schools or the environment or health care decisions. The way such policies are implemented is that the federal government sets goals, and then holds us at the local level accountable. In other words, the federal government controls the local people.

The source of the mischief is oftentimes beyond federal control; it originates with UN bureaucrats who set many of the goals and targets that are later considered by our American Congressmen. You would probably be surprised by how many federal and state laws that originated at the UN. In other words, UN-elected bureaucrats are setting targets or goals for every government around the globe that send shock waves all the way to the local government in your community.

Once you understand the corrupt process, the goals and targets of the UN Millennium Summit come into focus.

More than 150 heads of state, including President Clinton, will meet tomorrow at the UN in New York City to do two things: adopt an "Earth Charter" and a "Declaration" that will lead to global governance.

The world will probably not look much different on September 9 than it does on September 6, but it will be changed indeed because nations will have come to consensus on those two documents, and they will serve as the authority for the UN to move forward into global governance. And that is not different from global government or world government.

Under the guise of UN "reform" into five administrative departments, the 150 heads of state will reach consensus on pre-determined goals and targets that intend to manage the world's economies, persons and properties. The Earth Charter would destroy the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. The UN's goal is for nations to ratify more than 25 treaties during the Millennium Summit including the International Criminal Court (forget your right to a trial by jury), the Kyoto Protocol (scale back your standard of living), the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child (spanking your child becomes an international crime) and the radical feminist international Equal Rights Amendment called the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. The UN will "spare no effort" to "take concerted action to prevent the illegal traffic in small arms and light weapons" There goes our Second Amendment?!

I plan to tell you what I see and what hear tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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