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    The Radical Goals of the Feminists

    • 1991 NOW Resolutions
    • 1991 NEA Resolutions
The Radical Goals of the Feminists

The polls are now all reporting that "feminism" is a negative word. Women absolutely do not want to be called feminists. The American people, including (and especially) women, instinctively recognize that "feminism" means radical feminism - synonymous with "women's lib" - and they don't want to be tarred with that brush.

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And it's no wonder! The principal feminist organization is the National Organization for Women (NOW), whose radical antics have been shocking the public for the last twenty years. NOW's best known spokespersons have been Betty Friedan, Eleanor Smeal, and Molly Yard. Women simply do not identify with their goals, their tactics, or their rhetoric.

The feminists themselves are now crying all over the television screens and the pages of metropolitan newspapers that they are the victims of a "backlash." But they brought it on themselves. The American people saw their hatred, contempt, and envy of men by the way they carried on their eleventh-hour smear campaign to try to stop the confirmation of Clarence Thomas for U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

The last time the feminists so openly showed their true face to the public was at the taxpayer-funded event in Houston in November 1977 called "International Women's Year." That conference was the occasion when the gender-neutral feminists coalesced with the abortionists and the lesbians to try to force the Equal Rights Amendment down our throats.

That effort failed, just like their attempt to sabotage Clarence Thomas. When the American people get a good look at feminism, they answer with a resounding NO.

In the years between those two widely televised events, the American people tended to forget how radical the feminists are - and the media helped the feminists by not reporting their radical goals, their disgusting tactics, or their vulgar language. When you see feminists on television, they usually wear dresses, clean up their language, and sanctimoniously advocate "women's rights."

It is important to realize that, when the feminists talk about "women's rights," they don't mean fair treatment for women in jobs, school, or home. When feminists talk about "women's rights," they mean a radical restructuring of society, with government using its power to force feminist goals on all the rest of us.

What are those goals? The best way to find out is to read the resolutions passed by NOW at its annual convention. NOW's resolutions document what is meant by "feminism," namely, the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion on demand at any time during pregnancy and financed by the taxpayers, homosexual and lesbian privileges, affirmative action quotas for women, government child care, legalization of prostitution, assigning women to military combat duty, and political action at every level of government to achieve these goals.

In order to carry out its political objectives, NOW has two political action committees. NOW/PAC endorses in federal elections, and NOW Equality PAC endorses in state and local races. NOW's newspaper, called National NOW Times (Summer 1990), stated how NOW chooses the candidates it endorses:

"Criteria for endorsement include support for the Equal Rights Amendment; reproductive freedom including Medicaid funding for abortions and young women's rights; civil rights for all - including lesbian and gay rights; and legislation to decrease the feminization of poverty. Candidates for executive offices are also asked to support gender balance laws or commit to making appointments on a gender basis where there is no existing law. While NOW's PACs use the same standards when evaluating male and female candidates, it is NOW policy that women be given preference as candidates whenever possible."

Here is a translation of the NOW jargon used in the above criteria:

    reproductive freedom means abortion on demand throughout nine months of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever;

    Medicaid funding means taxpayer funding of abortions; young women's rights means abortion for minor girls without parental consent;

    civil rights for all means quota hiring for minorities and women;

    lesbian and gay rights means the entire homosexual agenda, including privileges to teach in the classroom, adopt children, be Boy Scout leaders, etc.;

    legislation to decrease the feminization of poverty means the entire feminist-liberal economic-social agenda, including federally financed and regulated daycare, Comparable Worth (that means government wage fixing), Federally Mandated Parental Leave (that means forcing employers to skew employee benefits in favor of feminist demands), Glass Ceiling (that means government forcing businesses to promote women to executive positions), the United Nations Treaty on Discrimination Against Women (that means an "Equal Rights Amendment" enforced on Americans by a commission of international busybodies), and repeal of all laws that exempt women from combat duty in the U.S. military;

    gender balance laws or appointments on a gender basis means a candidate's commitment to appoint women - because they are women - instead of men to all government positions. (The goal is to humiliate men and put women in all positions of power and authority.)

    Any candidate who is endorsed by NOW can be assumed to have endorsed all these positions.

    Printed below is the actual text of some of the resolutions passed at the annual convention of the National Organization for Women (NOW) held in New York City in July 1991. Of course, NOW has passed hundreds of resolutions over the last twenty years, and they all speak with the same voice to document NOW's radical goals and objectives in great detail.

Note: The first resolution below uses the expression "consciousness raising." This is essentially a cult-type technique of indoctrinating vulnerable women with the message that women are oppressed victims, that men are the oppressors, and that a small cadre of bitter women should work together to demand power over men in order to "remedy centuries of oppression."

In consciousness-raising sessions, women exchange their horror stories about men and, with this kind of mutual sharing and encouragement, little slights are magnified into grievances, small grievances are transformed into bigger grievances, and women are able to blame "society" or "all men" for their own failures, mistakes, and disappointments. These women are falsely led to believe that a constitutional amendment called ERA is the key to whatever they want, whether it is a raise, a promotion, a husband, a divorce, child custody payments, or simply revenge against men for real or imagined grievances. This is the psychology of producing bitter - but dedicated - women activists. As the first resolution below makes clear, consciousness raising is the "backbone" of NOW's membership development.

Now read for yourself the actual text of some of the NOW resolutions passed in July 1991.

1991 NOW Resolutions

The Equal Rights Amendment

Whereas, the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a priority of the National Organization for Women (NOW); and

Whereas, consciousness raising (CR) has been the backbone of chapters and their development; and

Whereas, the women new to NOW do not have a history of CR; and

Whereas, the process of CR is never ending; and

Whereas, through the CR process, women connect to women, and with this connection, we have strength and are empowered;

Therefore, be it resolved that National NOW inform chapter, state and regional leadership of the availability of materials, books and publicity to encourage CR to take place.

Lesbian and Gay Rights Actions

Whereas, Lesbian rights is one of the four priority issues of the National Organization for Women (NOW); and

Whereas, NOW supports Lesbian and Gay rights in all aspects and is working to achieve full incorporation of Lesbians and Gays in all aspects of society; and

Whereas, it is essential for NOW to continue to be visible and active in our support of Lesbian and Gay rights;

Therefore, be it resolved that NOW supports the following national actions:

  1. The Annual National Coming Out Day activities; and

  2. The April, 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. . . .

Oppose Clarence Thomas

. . .Therefore, be it resolved that NOW oppose the confirmation of nominee Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court of the United States; and

Be it further resolved that NOW will pressure the Senate Judiciary Committee, especially Senator Biden and Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, as well as the entire Senate to oppose his confirmation; and

Be it further resolved that since members of both political parties are responsible for the confirmation of the current anti-women Supreme Court majority and these members are now in a position to vote against nominee Thomas, that NOW will target for defeat any Senators who do not oppose the confirmation of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court.

Funding of Abortion

Whereas, accessible abortion is a basic, fundamental right of every woman: and

Whereas, the United States government uses tax dollars to subsidize medical services through Medicare and Medicaid funding; and

Whereas, tax dollars should be available to pay for safe legal abortions so that the fundamental right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term can be equally accessible to all women regardless of socioeconomic status;

Therefore, be it resolved that the National Organization for Women (NOW) draft model legislation regarding funding at all levels for abortion and reproductive services in the states;

Be it further resolved that the Young Feminists can begin the struggle to win back and retain Medicaid funded abortions by organizing non-violent mass demonstrations calling for the repeal of all limitations on Medicaid abortions and call for free safe, legal abortions without restrictions.

Parental Involvement Laws

Whereas, young women's lives are directly threatened by growing support for state laws requiring parental interference for abortions; and

Whereas, many such women are under the voting age and therefore wield little electoral power regarding this issue; and

Whereas, National NOW has already implemented a strong and far-reaching agenda actively opposing parental interference legislation; and

Whereas, National NOW is now officially working with young feminists to take control over their lives and their bodies;

Therefore, be it resolved that the NOW National board and NOW's membership include parental consent/notification as an issue on its young feminist action agenda. . . .

"We Won't Go Back"

Whereas, the reactionary forces in the Presidency, the Supreme Court, Congress, and the state legislatures are attempting to overturn Roe v. Wade, restrict access to birth control and family planning, and undermine 50 years of work to extend equality of the law to all persons regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, economic status or disability; and

Whereas, we pledge "We Won't Go Back and We Will Go Forward" in our struggle for equality for all;

Therefore, be it resolved that the National Organization for Women launch an unprecedented mass campaign of defiance and triumph: "We Won't Go Back - We Will Have Our Rights NOW." This campaign will include:

  1. An all out fight to overturn the gag ruling enunciated by the Supreme Court in Rust v. Sullivan with direct action days in Washington, D.C. and in the districts and states of targeted members of Congress.

  2. A sustained fight to defeat the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court and any nominee who would sacrifice women's rights and civil rights.

  3. The launching, in fall of 1992, of a new political campaign that will result in unprecedented numbers of feminist candidates based on the premise that women and people of racial and ethnic diversity and others who are determined to have economic justice, nonviolence and a healthy planet cannot be sacrificed whenever convenient by two outdated parties without principles and dominated by greed. This campaign will support feminist candidates who challenge incumbents who have abandoned the dream of equality and the hope of a decent quality of life for future generations on the planet and will confront the present two party system. . . .

Quotas and the Civil Rights Act

. . .Whereas, "quota" has become the catchword for opponents of civil rights, women's rights and economic justice, and has been used to attack affirmative action, when in fact, quotas are used to exclude women and minorities from institutions and positions of power and to guarantee that the overwhelming under representation of women in decision-making positions is maintained;

Therefore, be it resolved that the National Organization for Women (NOW) intensify its commitment to the passage this year of a strong and uncompromised civil rights law to restore the rights of women and people of color so decimated by the Reagan/Bush Supreme Court, and that NOW will hold every member of Congress and the President accountable for the watering down or defeat of the Civil Rights Act; and

Be it further resolved, that NOW will not endorse any political candidate who backs away from full and unqualified support for affirmative action and the Civil Rights Act and will work to defeat any candidate who uses the phony issue of quotas to deny women and people of color economic justice.

Women in Combat

Whereas, during the Equal Rights Amendment fight, our opposition effectively fanned the flames of fear that women would be drafted and thrown into foxholes in some strange and distant country; and

Whereas, with women soldiers playing a more significant role in the Persian Gulf than ever before in our military history, we may have an unprecedented opportunity to bring to an end the lung debate over-whether women should be in combat, to expand career opportunities for women in the military and to remove what has been overwhelming obstacle to women's equality and the Equal Rights Amendment; and

Whereas, exclusion of women from positions arbitrarily defined as "combat" is based on archaic ideas of what women and men are physically and emotionally capable of doing and outdated ideas of what modern military theory and combat are; and ....

Whereas, the exclusion of women from combat in the modern military is a fraud only to perpetuate a second class status of women in the military; economically and educationally disadvantaged young women cannot use the armed services, which are the largest vocational training grounds in the U.S., in the same way young men can to help themselves; young men can join, get training, a possibility of a pension and often veteran's preferences in hiring when they leave the military; young women face higher entrance requirements and quotas limiting the numbers of women who get into the military-and once they get in, women receive less training and fewer promotions; women are almost 11% of the military, but fill only .9% of the military's top 1000 officers' jobs and only about .8% of the top 15,000 senior enlisted positions; and

Whereas, the combat exclusion hurts our country's defense and foreign policy; women are effectively eliminated from most highranking leadership positions in the military by being excluded from career-enhancing, command positions defined as "combat"; and with women and women's perspective missing from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other military policy bodies, our country's public policy is the poorer; ...

Now therefore, be it resolved, that NOW demands equality for women enjoining the military and in training, job assignments and benefits in the military; and

Be it further resolved, that NOW actively supports elimination of statutory restrictions on women in the military.

The "Women in Combat" resolution was passed by the National Organization for Women Board of Directors, September 16, 1990.

1991 NEA Resolutions

The National Education Association (NEA), the country's largest teachers union, held its annual convention in Miami Beach in July 1991. Here are some of the resolutions it passed in support of feminist goals:

ERA and Abortion

The NEA Board of Directors recommends that the Representative Assembly adopt the following revision of the Action Plan for Sex Equity as a substitute for the current Action Plan.

To achieve its vision of educational excellence and equity, NEA reaffirms its commitment to the realization of equal rights for women and men through the following action plan for sex equity:

  1. By lobbying members of Congress, by establishing and joining coalitions, or by supporting groups involved in civil rights litigation, NEA will work to:

    1. Achieve and ensure pay equity, economic equity, sex equity, and reproductive freedom without governmental intervention.

    2. Secure the reintroduction and ultimate ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    3. Promote women who support the NEA legislative agenda to be candidates for elective office.

    4. Explore all possible avenues of legal remedy and redress on women's rights issues.

    5. Enforce Title IX.

  2. By providing information and technical assistance to state affiliates, NEA will help them to:
    1. Lobby for legislation on sex equity, pay and economic equity, and reproductive freedom without governmental intervention.

    2. Utilize collective bargaining to achieve a discrimination- free work place.

    3. Encourage Association-endorsed women to seek elective office.

    4. Secure ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    5. Implement model programs to ensure that females have equal access in the schools.

    6. Eliminate discriminatory practices against women in employment, promotion, and compensation.

    7. Enforce Title IX.

    8. Enhance personnel policies to include maternity, parental, adoption, child-care, and professional leave.

  3. By providing women's leadership training workshops and grants to state affiliates, NEA will develop a cadre of effective multicultural women leaders who are ready and able to assume elective and appointive office in the Association.

  4. By providing state affiliates with training programs, cooperative projects, information, and technical assistance in pay equity, NEA will work to eliminate race and/or gender- based wage discrimination among education employees.

  5. By educating its membership about the discrepancies in educational experiences for males and females and by promoting methods such as textbook evaluation, revision for inclusive curricula, and instructional delivery systems, NEA will ensure equity in education.

  6. By being actively involved in international relations, NEA will advance women's equity in international forums. Adopted as New Business Item B.

Gay and Lesbian Counseling

NEA shall effectively advertise and continue to offer its workshop "Affording Equal Opportunity to Gay and Lesbian Students Through Teaching and Counseling" each year until each state that desires the training has the opportunity to participate.

Rationale: Most educators have never had training to develop awareness and skills for dealing with gay/lesbian issues in schools. NEA has developed an excellent training workshop.

Cost Implication: In order to conduct this training for an estimated 15 participants with a consultant trainer, the estimated cost is $20,000 per training session.

Adopted as New Business Item 54.

Equal Opportunity for Women

The National Education Association insists that all persons, regardless of gender, be given equal opportunity for employment, promotion, compensation (including equal pay for Comparable Worth), and leadership in all activities. The Association supports the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state because of gender. The Association believes that sexism and sex discrimination must be eliminated and endorses the use of nonsexist language.

Adopted as Resolution I-17.

Family Planning

The National Education Association supports family planning including the right to reproductive freedom. The Association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities. The Association further urges the implementation of community-operated, schoolbased family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel.

Adopted as Resolution I-21.

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