Eagle Forum Report

June '17 Issue
Going Back to Work
  • Rebuilding the American Economy
  • Putting Americans Back to Work: A Future Worker’s Perspective
  • May '17 Issue
    Schools of Mischief
  • Using Schools To Retrain Kids’ Emotions — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Academic Freedom in K-12 Science Education
  • Defund the Department that Does Not Educate
  • April '17 Issue
    Trigger Warning: Truth Ahead
  • How to Melt Snowflakes
  • Is It Education or Indoctrination?
  • College is not a Daycare
  • March '17 Issue
    The Power of a Positive Culture
  • How To Be A Wife
  • The Power of a Good Idea
  • Barbie vs. Godzilla: What’s Behind Gender Free Toys
  • February '17 Issue
    Peace Through Strength
  • Make America’s National Security Great Again
  • West Point Cadet Speaks His Heart and Mind
  • Gender Identity Delusion at Defense Department
  • January '17 Issue
    Life Matters
  • Will Congress Find its Pro-Life Mojo?
  • Life Has NO Compromise
  • Anticipating A New Pro-Life Administration