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Educational Resources for the Campaign Participant
The "Courting Justice Campaign" is a joint effort dedicated to combating the injustices in judging committed by modern activist/liberal judges. The Campaign is sponsored by Eagle Forum's Court Watch, the Family Research Council, and the Free Congress Foundation. A variety of both printed and taped materials critical to this effort and listed below and may be ordered as indicated below.

Printed Materials

  1. Courting Justice: A Guide to Judicial Reform: A brief manual written for all Americans, explaining WHAT is wrong with our federal courts, WHY we have these problems, and WHAT we can do to remedy injustice in judging. An essential weapon for any effective soldier in the Campaign for justice in judging. ($5 ea.)

  2. Courting Justice: How You Can Join the Campaign for Federal Judicial Reform: A brief but extensive guide to involvement for both Campaign leaders and participants. ($ .50 ea.)

  3. Activating the Court Watch Network: A concise guide for those serving as State Eagle Forum Court Watch Chairmen. ($ .50 ea.)

  4. America 2000: A beautiful red-white-and blue PR flier (5 ½" x 8") for use in advertising The Guide and the Campaign. A perfect insert for bulletins, programs, etc. (25 for $2.50)

Video Tape Material

  1. Courting Justice: A Television Inverview: A conversation between Courting Justice Directors Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D. (National Chairman of Eagle Forum's Court Watch), Thomas Jipping, J.D. (Vice-President for Legal Policy at the Free Congress Foundation), and Janet LaRue, Esq. (Senior Director of Legal Studies at the Family Research Council). Originally produced for Jipping's weekly television show, this tape is specially edited for personal and group use. ($15 ea.)

Audio Cassette Material (Each title is one tape in album @ $5 ea.)

  1. Constitutional Verbicide: Injustice in Judging: An analysis of the manner in which the federal courts have contributed so heavily to America's legal and cultural problems, including a brief summary of responses and a call to action.

  2. Courting Justice: Christians, the Constitution, and the Courts: A picture of American law and culture today, offering a diagnosis of our national problems and a prescription for them, discussed within a Biblical framework. A call to action by Christians is issued.

  3. Courting Justice: How to Curb the Courts: A brief presentation designed to rally Americans to the cause of curbing the courts and to suggest specific actions needed.

[All presentations are by National Court Watch Chairman Dr. Virginia Armstrong]

To Order the Above-Listed Materials:
Item #1: Order from: Eagle Forum, Box 618, Alton, IL 62002
All other Items:
Order from: Blackstone Institute, PMB 190, 4102 Buffalo Gap Road, Ste. F, Abilene, TX 79605. (Please add mailing costs of 15% to all orders)

Websites and Other On-Line Materials

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