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United Nations Millennium Summit
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
NEW YORK CITY, 9 September 2000 — The New York City sirens are still blaring and city streets are still blockaded, but the United Nations Millennium Summit is almost over. It was announced on the opening day of that the heads of state would reach consensus on a "Millennium Declaration" on the final day, September 8. Behind-the-scenes negotiations have supposedly watered down an original draft, but the UN is unwearied and incrementalism is its normal operating procedure. They will remain relentless in their quest to achieve global governance, a.k.a. global government.

A few had also expected the Earth Charter to be discussed during the Millennium Summit, and in a way it was. Let me explain. Once you understand that every UN document, whether it is the Earth Charter or the Millennium Declaration, has the same Marxist theme, the label makes no difference. The Marxist theme is why the UN itself is dysfunctional and beyond reform. That is why any person or organization that claims real victories within the UN system is to be pitied; Marxism is unfixable. (I hope my friends will forgive me for my boldness in that statement, for it is undeniably true.)

The theme of every UN document is Marxist to its very core. Even though the Communists failed to make Marxism work in their 70-year experiment, there are new, power-hungry leaders willingly being prodded like cattle going to the slaughter by the likes of UN-repentant Communist Mikhail Gorbachev and the leader of UN reform, Maurice Strong, during this week's activities in New York City.

Yesterday, for example, the UN Security Council's five permanent members met at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Any casual observer should recognize each of them as socialist Marxists: Tony Blair of Britain, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Jacques Chirac of France, Jiang Zemin of China and President Clinton. No one could read their speeches presented during this Millennium Summit and conclude otherwise.

Their consensus agreement of the Millennium Summit's Declaration is consistent with the theme of Marxism. The Declaration affirms "faith in the Organization," and every speech by every head of state did that. We should marvel at the ease in which despots place their "faith" in "the Organization," and the same leaders in their own countries persecute Christians for placing their "faith" in the one true God.

Every head of state also endorsed the Marxist statement for "equality and equity." President Clinton said that there is an "iron link" between poverty and war, which is also in keeping with his record of checkbook diplomacy.

They also endorsed their own version of the Marxist scheme "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" declaring that "those who suffer, or who benefit least are entitled to help from those who benefit most." They really believe the lie that wealthy nations became wealthy by abusing other countries with colonialism and slavery. Oh how I wish they understood that the "fear of God" is the beginning of wisdom, and that God is big enough to bless them too, if they would humble themselves before Him. As for Americans, we must revive our fear of Him or suffer the consequences.

There is no "fixing" the Millennium Declaration. It, like the UN itself, should be thrown into the East River that borders the UN compound in New York City. The Declaration calls for "managed" development by the UN rather than free enterprise and free markets. It embraces the International Criminal Court that would subject YOU to its purview as it obliterates your right to a trial by jury. It calls for a UN standing army that was advocated by President Clinton in his speech to the world body on Wednesday. It calls for UN control of the manufacture, sale and distribution of all firearms, and licensing by the UN. The Declaration calls for the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol that is the instrument for global wealth redistribution. It and most of the speeches by developing country heads of state call for elimination of the veto and permanent member status of the five permanent members of the Security Council. And to pay for all their mischief, they want global taxation to replace UN dues.

The UN sees great value in the Millennium Declaration because it gives them a MANDATE to "manage the worldwide economic and social development and threats to international peace and security" even if it must be incrementally accomplished. And ratification by member states will NOT be necessary; instead, they will implement as much of the Declaration as possible, "administratively," through processes and procedures.

The Marxists at the UN will NEVER become weary; will you?

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