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United Nations Millennium Summit
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
NEW YORK CITY, 8 September 2000 — There were 63 speeches by heads of state this first day of the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York City. Most of the speeches called for relief of developing nations' debts (American taxpayers beware), equalization (redistribution) of natural and economic resources, strengthening the UN's peacekeeping abilities and finding a cure for AIDS.

President Clinton was the first speaker immediately following the official opening of the Summit and remarks by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. After the usual platitudes about the "honor to host in the United States this unprecedented gathering of world leaders," he told the audience that "our greatest challenges [utopian dreams] are all unmet: to free humanity from poverty, disease, and war; to reverse environmental destruction; and to make the UN a more effective instrument in pursuing all these aims." He then focused on "the making and keeping of peace."

After acknowledging that most wars today are internal wars, he called for a "stark, collective challenge" to deal with them (forget about national sovereignty). The UN record is abysmal as there were no victories of any of the wars he mentioned: in Bosnia, Iraq, Burma, Burundi, East Timor, Sierra Leone or Columbia.

He said the UN needs "better machinery to ensure UN peacekeepers can be rapidly deployed, with the right training and equipment, the ability to project credible force, and missions well-defined by a well-functioning headquarters. To meet this challenge, we must also more effectively deploy civilian police to UN missions." He is calling for a UN standing army! And for feeding a failed UN system: the Beast!

Clinton said that in order to "prevent" conflicts, that the UN must recognize "the iron link between deprivation and war." And he asked that the UN build on "our initiative to provide free meals for 9 million children around the world." Just like "midnight basketball" was supposed to prevent crime, Clinton believes that taxpayer funded global meal programs will prevent wars. He also called for intensifying our work to develop drugs and vaccines against malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. The first politically protected disease, AIDS, is pandemic in many nations, yet the UN refuses to condemn the behavior that causes it.

"These efforts come with a price tag," said Clinton, and he described what would be required to pay the bill. "All nations, including my own, must meet our obligations to the UN. And those with the capacity to increase their support must do so. Reform of the UN's financial structure must be made if the organization is to meet the demands we make of it. Those who believe we can either do without the UN, or impose our will upon it, have not learned from history and do not understand the future."

Concluding, he admonished us to send our children a message that, "we came together in a moment of choiceand chose to change the world." Like his other "choices," they are sure to propagate human death as well as destruction of American sovereignty.

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