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United Nations Millennium Summit
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
NEW YORK CITY, 6 September 2000 — This is the MORNING of the United Nations Millennium Summit. Staying about five blocks away from the UN building in New York City, there is a constant serenade of motorcycle police, countless NYPD cars and vans, police with their ears wired walking dogs, helicopters flying overhead and streets suddenly closed because "the President" has left his hotel. One might ask which President because there are about 160 of them in town, instead we join the New Yorkers who simply frown upon the UN and carry on about our business.

There are so many Millennium meetings going on in this city that it is difficult to keep them straight. There was the World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders chaired by the "master of UN reform," Maurice Strong that took place last week. That is when media mogul and keynoter Ted Turner apologized for "God" who says that there is only ONE WAY to heaven. (God has always required a blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to fulfill that law once and for all. Those who believe His requirement and His provision, Jesus, are saved by faith alone.)

The infamous Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs, radical leftists who call themselves "civil society") held a meeting also last week called, "Global Solidarity: The Way to Peace and International Cooperation." They dedicated themselves to their incessant battle for a place at the negotiating table. They are interested in LEADING the world, and they have bold ideas about where they want to take us.

The UN General Assembly meets annually, and it began meeting this week at the "glass building" on the East River in NYC that now needs $1 BILLION to renovate and expand. The UN used to meet only once a year for about three months to speechify and pretend their importance calling it "diplomacy." Today, they meet year-round.

IF the police will allow us to leave our hotel, we are off to the Millennium Summit. Stay tuned.

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