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Questions to ask your Member of Congress
about Border Security and Immigration
  1. Will you vote against amnesty for illegal aliens, which puts people who violate our laws ahead of those who lawfully apply for entry?

  2. Will you vote to repeal Ted Kennedy's Diversity Visa Lottery, which admits 50,000 aliens per year, mostly from non-Western countries including countries that sponsor terrorism?

  3. Will you vote to direct the State Department to stop issuing visas in foreign countries that sponsor terrorism?

  4. Will you vote to close our borders to illegal aliens, illegal drugs, and contagious diseases by whatever means necessary, including electronic fences and National Guard troops?

  5. Will you vote to require visual inspection of the contents of at least 50% of trucks coming across our border (instead of the current 1% to 2%)?

  6. Will you vote to prohibit the State Department from negotiating a plan with Mexico to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens?

  7. Will you vote to repeal the federal requirement that hospitals must give free medical care, includ ing scarce organ transplants, to illegal aliens (an unfunded mandate that is bankrupting many hospitals and increasing the price of medical care to Americans)?

  8. Will you vote to cut federal funding to state universities that give lower in-state tuition to illegal aliens (in violation of federal law), or that refuse to cooperate with the foreign student track ing system?

  9. Will you vote to revoke the citizenship of natural ized citizens who betray their oath of U.S. citizen ship by claiming "dual citizenship" with their native country?

  10. Will you vote to require strict health screening of foreigners entering the U.S. in order to stop the extraordinary rise in cases of tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis B, intestinal parasites, West Nile virus, and other foreign diseases?

  11. Will you vote to cut federal highway funds to states that issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens (since many 9/11 hijackers boarded the fatal planes by showing their driver's licenses)?

  12. Will you vote to forbid government agencies to accept foreign-issued cards (the matricula con sular) as acceptable I.D.s?

  13. Will you vote to cut federal funding to cities that have "sanctuary" laws (in violation of federal law) that prohibit local police from identifying and reporting illegal aliens to federal authorities?

  14. Will you vote to abolish federal requirements to provide foreign-language ballots, since the ability to speak, read and write basic English is a require ment to become a naturalized citizen and only U.S. citizens are eligible to vote?

  15. Will you vote to stop or severely limit corporate use of L-1 and H-1B visas (which replace Ameri can workers with cheap foreign labor), and to prohibit government agencies from hiring foreign ers instead of Americans?

  16. Will you vote to stop the racket of smuggling very-pregnant aliens into the United States so they can give birth to their babies in the U.S. (thereby becoming immediately eligible for citizenship and welfare)?

  17. Will you vote for a time-out on immigration and visas until Homeland Security has a functioning computer system to track aliens through smart I.D. cards (but rejecting the un-American notion that U.S. citizens should carry federal I.D. cards)?

  18. Will you vote to rescind Clinton's Executive Order 13166 that requires anyone who receives federal funds (such as doctors and hospitals) to provide their services in foreign languages?

  19. Do you favor a general policy of drawing a bright line of difference between U.S. citizens and aliens, so that law-abiding American citizens are not treated like potential terrorists or hijackers?

  20. Will you join the House or Senate Immigration Caucus?

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