January 21, 2019

BREAKING: The Senate ERA measure (SJ284 “Constitution of the United States; Equal Rights Amendment“) is on the agenda for Margaret Ransome’s Subcommittee #1 of the House P & E Committee. Margaret is with us. Hopefully, she can keep it from being considered. They meet tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. Del. Ransone’s subcommittee meetings are available online.
See: HJ 579 United States Constitution; ratifies Equal Rights Amendment.


(1)  Pray, Pray, Pray!  Overtime prayers needed!  Pray that SJ284 is defeated in Subcommittee.

(2)  If you have time TODAY, call or email or both the House P&E Subcommittee members (see list below).


(1)  House P&E Committee, Subcommittee #1 members list (See below)
(2)  Sample email (see below)


Subject:  Please OPPOSE and Vote NO on SJ284

Dear Delegate [Last name here if sending individually otherwise just use Dear Delegate],

Please OPPOSE and Vote NO on SJ284 “Constitution of the United States; Equal Rights Amendment” and ALL other legislation proposing the ratification of the ERA to the U.S. Constitution, including but not limited to HJ577, HJ579, and HJ583.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]

[Your Phone #]


House P&E Committee, Subcommittee #1 members:

Name: Margaret B.Ransone (Vice Chair)
Dist #: 99
Room #: E412
Party: R
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1099
Email: DelMRansone@house.virginia.gov
Name: Mark L. Cole (ex officio member)
Dist #: 88
Room #: E202
Party: R
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1088
Email: DelMCole@house.virginia.gov
Name: Riley E. Ingram
Dist #: 62
Room #: E312
Party: R
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1062
Email: DelRIngram@house.virginia.gov
Name: Hyland F. (Buddy) Fowler Jr.
Dist #: 55
Room #: E213
Party: R
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1055
Email: DelBFowler@house.virginia.gov
Name: John J.  McGuire III
Dist #: 56
Room #: W437
Party: R
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1056
Email: DelJMcGuire@house.virginia.gov
Name: Mark D. Sickles
Dist #: 43
Room #: E204
Party: D
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1043
Email: DelMSickles@house.virginia.gov
Name: Schuyler T. VanValkenburg
Dist #: 72
Room #: E422
Party: D
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1072
Email: DelSVanValkenburg@house.virginia.gov