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Americans speak about Amnesty
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STOP the Amnesty Petition
Mexican Guide Book for Illegal Aliens

Guide for the Mexican Migrant
Translation: Guide for the Mexican Migrant

Don't run or try to escape.
Don't hide in dangerous places.
Don't cross freeways.
It's better for you to be detained for a few hours and be repatriated to Mexico than to get lost in the desert.
Crossing the river can be very risky, especially if you cross alone and at night. Thick clothing increases your weight when wet and makes it hard to swim or float.

We are told that we are fighting a war on terror, yet our borders are wide open and the president refuses to do anything about it. He wants amnesty for the ILLEGALS yet he will not grant it to two border guards who are about to go to jail for doing their duty. A.F., Colorado, 1/12/07
This will destroy America! So whose side are you on! J.H., Missouri, 1/10/07
What are you people in Congress thinking of? We can not take care of, protect and educated all these illegal aliens. Say NO to the Amnesty bill. Please, please, please. S.Q., Missouri, 1/10/07
This is indeed the rubicon for American sovereignty and cultural values. If amnesty passes into law, we cannot expect to remain a world power for more than 10 years. T.P., Arizona, 1/10/07
I am seeing NO leadership from any of this states elected officials on this issue! J.W., North Carolina, 12/20/06
I am strongly against any amnesty for illegal aliens. I feel this is a threat to my well being as an American Citizen and I feel that it threatens our nations security. J.R., Utah, 12/19/06
After having MY job stolen by an illegal alien, Please do not try to tell me they are only here for jobs no American will take. J.B.C., Oklahoma, 12/19/06
I'm a Reagan Republican, and I've never been more disgusted than with the Bush Administration refusal to enforce our borders (among other things). He cares more about the borders of Iraq than his own country. No doubt because he expects his CFR dream of elimination of borders altogether. Democrats are worse, but I'd enjoy seeing two years of hearings and an impeachment. I'd like to see an real investigation of the facts of 9/11, which are not plausible to anyone with an IQ about 40. I saw on Lou Dobbs last night that Harry Reid now backs amnesty. J.V., Texas, 12/19/06
Close the borders, stop immigration, and deport ALL illegals NOW. M.M., Michigan, 12/19/06
We as Americans have paid our taxes to find that you are giving our tax dollars to illegals. Please stop it. We are now having our medicare cut back, and you are going against every American if you give amnesty. . . . Please vote America only, no amnesty. V.C., Ohio, 12/18/06
Please no Amnesty. N.N., Ohio, 12/18/06
I don't know our president and his advisors are thinking!!! No funding for a fence and free amnesty with all of its perks!!! God help us! A.B., Georgia, 12/18/06
All must come here legally. No amnesty of any kind. Until we can deal with those already here, close the borders & stop all immigration. Why has the government allowed this mess to happen????????? C.B., Ohio, 12/18/06
I'm with Phyllis on amnesty...NO THANK YOU! Are you trying to destroy our U.S.? It's working! B.N., Texas, 12/18/06
Please reject all guest-worker proposals. Cut off federal highway funds to any state that gives driver's licenses to illegal aliens. In Florida all the illegal's are working under the table, how can business's compete when the playing field is not level. Only the border states really know what is happening to the American way of life because we are paying the costs of it now. Our schools are over crowded, so our children aren't getting educated, the hospitals are over run with people not paying their bills (and those Doctor's and nurse's will be paid by your insurance going up) all government papers are being printed in multiple languages, which cost every taxpayer. And the problems go further and deeper than most people think. AMERICA PLEASE THINK!!!!!!!!!!! D.H., Florida, 12/16/06
Last year at this time, there were no illegal aliens waiting for work on the street corner of Eltoro and Jeronimo, in the city of Lake Forest. Now, there are at least 50-100 Illegals loitering there. It seems the only people who are required to abide by any laws this country has enacted are the people who voted the for the laws. Whenever there is enforcement of a law in effect, there is an ACLU lawsuit around every corner. I paid 47k in taxes last year. I used no dental or medical benefits which I paid for, simply because I am in good health. Who pays for Illegals to have American Citizens when they come here Illegally? Who will stop my neighbor from trafficking people from the border? (yes, I have witnessed this.) Who? I will. This last election was simple for me. I voted for who ever had the strength to mention they are tough on illegal immigration and this is how I will vote for the rest of my life and I will never stop fighting this issue. E.S., California, 12/15/06
This is another travesty for our country. I'm tired of hearing that the illegals are simply doing the jobs our own people "Need" now because the majority of our work is being taken to other countries! Our own "Border Patrols can't even stay out of jail,for trying to "DO" their job! L.S., Indiana, 12/15/06
We need to close the border as we are being overrun with disease, crime and illegals who do not care about becoming a good and legal US citizen. F.V., New York, 12/14/06
I agree with you 100% but what shall we do with the illegal aliens who are already here? It costs money to send them back and i don't feel like spending my hard earned tax dollars. Why not enforce a law requiring them to register legally (if they desire to stay) and go through a period of checking in with a sort of probation representative until they are eligible to obtain citizenship legally. How long must a legal alien wait for citizenship? Pardoning an illegal alien would be an insult to those who respect the laws of our land and who deserve citizenship because they've entered legally and done everything else properly. Illegal aliens haven't gained our trust and do not deserve to go to the head of the line! Illegal aliens are criminals who shouldn't be granted automatic citizenship; if they truly wanted it, then they would have gone through the entire process thoroughly and legally. If we send them back, they should either pay their own way or have some one they know pay their way for them.

My mother was born in Berlin, Germany and was 15 years old when the 2nd World War ended. Her parents barely missed being stranded in what would become East Berlin. She moved to Canada in the 1950's before coming to the United States where she met and married my father. Although Europe, and mainly Germany had been virtually destroyed by the bloodiest war known to man, my mother did not smuggle herself into this country as an illegal alien, nor did she do anything that many foreigners do today that either get them in trouble with the law or on welfare. She worked at a job as a nurse and applied for citizenship. R.H. Oklahoma, 12/13/06

This is an out of control situation that the will of the American people has been spit on and ignored. It is a shameful situation, and betrayal to those who voted for you. B.W., New York, 12/13/06
The law is the law. L.C., Florida, 12/13/06
I am against Amnesty. C.F., California, 12/12/06
If the immigrants from wherever want to come in legally and become an American citizen there is nothing wrong with that. We cannot keep being the worlds savior! We have millions of our own people going to bed at night with NO food in their stomach's and living on the streets, They have lost their homes because of no jobs. Now the gov't wants to knock them down further by cheap labor from Mexico or etc. It's time to clean house from the President on down! Let them live on $269.00 per week unemployment or go for food stamps and be told they make to much money for a family of four! We have become a society of have and have nots. N.S., Ohio, 12/12/06
Please no more amnesty and rewarding lawbreakers. If we allow amnesty we will send a message it is ok to disregard our federal laws. It also will increase the number of illegals that will come to our country. We already gave amnesty to one million illegals in the eighties and now we have about 12 million. W.S., Oregon, 12/12/06
Absolutely and positively NO AMNESTY, PLEASE.... D.M., Florida, 12/12/06
I am with you on this issue. R.B., Virginia, 12/11/06
No amnesty for illegal aliens. They are breaking the law. This amnesty would only encourage more illegal aliens to come, as did the previous amnesty! WE are seeing crimes soar, pay to American workers decrease, and significant taxpayer dollars go to the education welfare programs, and healthcare of the illegal aliens that are here. They are changing the social and political climate of America's core! S.S., Oregon, 12/10/06
Stop all forms of Amnesty! We the people are WATCHING YOU! D.P., Texas, 12/09/06
People need to become very knowledgeable about the Building A North American Community Report, carried on this site. Then they'll know why there is still an open border and many other atrocities planned for us. It's time this thing was brought into general knowledge. If anyone thinks Bush is impeachable for what he's done in Iraq and the wiretapping bit, take a look at this Security and Prosperity Partnership grown out of the Building a North American Community. F.H., Texas, 12/08/06
Illegal immigration is destroying the foundation of our country. It must be stopped now. No person who has broken our laws by entering our country illegally deserves amnesty or citizenship. R.P., South Carolina, 12/08/06
No amnesty, build the wall and abolish the H-1B visa scam that allows employers to fire college educated Americans and replace them with cheap foreign slaves! I would like to know what our young people are supposed to become when they go to college. They used to study what there was a need for in America, like computer programmers. Now, with this corporate lobby controlled Congress, there are no job vacancies for citizens. It seems that every open position is being filled by Christian haters. Iím talking about Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists from other countries. What should my child become? A worthless politician? No, there are plenty of them. A bribed politician? No, there are plenty of them. A crooked politician? No, there are plenty of them. How about a double talking public relations pro who spreads lies for corporate clients? No, there are plenty of those too. Everyone will become a nurse, oh, I forgot, they want 100,000 Indian nurses too. What are our college kids supposed to study? Teaching? Oh, wait, the schools want bi-lingual Mexicans now! J.K., Utah, 12/07/06
I am not in favor of illegals getting any favors after breaking our laws. One can only wonder what part of our constitution the folks in Washington do not understand. No amnesty, no food stamps, no medical care, no education. I know that where I live, the whole town is beginning to look like we are on the other side of the border. Some salespeople do not even speak english, and nothing is being done about it. Our schools are stuffed and overflowing, our DES office is jam-packed, daily. Half of the people here probably have no insurance or driver license. Everything is geared for the folks from south of the border. I can only say that if you are not legal, then you deserve nothing from the tax paying public in America. NO AMNESTY... S.Z., Arizona, 12/06/06
Charity begins first at home. Then we help others with our surplus. P.M., New York, 12/06/06
I will not support any Republican who support amnesty for illegal aliens. We need to enforce the current laws in place. I came here as a legal immigrant from the Philippines. No amnesty for illegals and enforce the current laws. E.M., California, 12/06/06
We cannot reward law-breakers by granting them citizenship. J.P., Louisiana, 12/05/06
This is unfair to law-abiding immigrants. J.M., California, 12/05/06
I could cry. Our Son-in-law spent a lot of money and time to become a US citizen. He was born in Zambia to parents of Afrikaans descent. He worked very hard to become a citizen and was so pleased to be allowed to become a Citizen. Besides all this I believe we should uphold ALL the laws and our Representatives should do what is right. It makes me angry that calls come almost every day for more money to persuade our leaders to do what is their business in the first place and earning good money for it and will never have to live on S.S. E.V., Washington, 12/04/06
My grandparents coming from Ireland over a century ago from the potato famine did it the right way. do it the right way now, nobody is starving. M.C., Arizona, 12/04/06
I am whole heartedly opposed to any amnesty measures or any other immigration reforms short of closing the borders and deportation of existing illegals. I've seen first hand what the illegal immigrant population has done to the Austin are in the last 10 years. It makes me sick, and the FED makes me sicker! R.B., Texas, 12/04/06
If this is a country of law, the laws must be observed, and not enforcing them is a miscarriage of justice; eliminating them for a select few is criminal. B.R., North Carolina, 12/04/06
As a naturalized citizen and one served in the army during Vietnam era. As a strong believer in the sovereignty and constitutional laws. I strongly urge a turning back to US laws that protect this nation from illegals, enemies, criminals and chaos. Judges and politicians should be held accountable when making laws contra the constitutional laws and dictates and a secure border is demanded. Remove illegals and stop amnesty to people who purposefully break our laws and don't give a hoot about this nation and it's Judeo Christian and constitutional values. D.H., Florida, 12/04/06
"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country. Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."

Thomas Jefferson

This founding father was against corporate influence on our government and national life. T.A., California, 12/03/06
You tell us in many ways, when you are running for office, that you are for the "little guy", the poor, the minority, and you want to protect them and their jobs. You want to help them.

If that is true, let's see you prove it by pushing for border enforcement to protect these people and their jobs and protect their wages from being pushed down by illegal aliens working for next to nothing.

And to keep the hospitals from disappearing because they are being bankrupted by illegal aliens using their services free. . . . C.P., California, 12/03/06

Those elected to serve and protect this country, who've sold us out, deserve no pity. May they suffer the consequences of the actions they wish to inflict on us. May it return on their own heads triple-fold. It's obvious these blind, greedy, fools have nothing but contempt for their constituents. May justice be shoved down their throats just as they are trying to shove their agenda of amnesty and the north american union down ours. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL WHO DEFEND HER. M.P., New Mexico, 12/03/06
Please, no amnesty. We have so many problems now from all the illegals in the country. Our government needs to concentrate on how to curb the problems the illegals have caused. B.E., Washington, 12/03/06
ONLY LEGAL IMMIGRATION americans want and welcome with open arms not this Illegal immigration the groups LULAC and LA Raza support and fund and help with the Illegals marching in our streets bulling us to change our laws for them while they need to do this in Mexico they are Mexican citizens and there they are Legal, this is killing the american dream for americans we want our jobs and homes back this is a invasion NOT IMMIGRATION. S.I., Wisconsin, 12/03/06
Please no amnesty, we will just be rewarding people who violate our immigration laws. Guest worker is the same as amnesty. we gave amnesty to one million illegals in 1986 and said it would be the last amnesty. W.S., Oregon, 12/03/06
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!, M.R., Pennsylvania, 12/03/06
The whole world can not move in to America, So how about stopping the illegal aliens. Every Congressmen and Senator should be put in prison for not upholding their oath of office. W.R., Alabama, 12/03/06
Does power give one brain damage? For God's sake restore and save this Nation before it is too late. C.G., Georgia, 12/02/06
STOP THE AMNESTY...BUILD THE FENCES NOW NOT AFTER AL QUEDA IS HERE...which is possibly now. When will we have our voting rights seen as serious? B.N., Texas, 12/02/06
Stop all steps toward the American Union which includes open borders, and for now amnesty is a substep toward open borders. M.N. Illinois, 12/02/06
You were elected to represent the American people so stop selling us out for illegal aliens. I'm sick of my tax dollars being spent to aid and abet illegal aliens!! T.W., New York, 12/02/06
Let's give America back to the Americans!!!! G.B., California, 12/02/06
Learn from the last election. Stop illegal immigration. Vote against amnesty. Close the borders. J.P., Texas, 12/02/06
Deport all illegal ( law breaking! ) aliens. Jail all employers of illegal's with heavy fines. Enforce all of our current illegal entry laws! This Invasion should have never happened!. So investigate why this was allowed, was it a corporate exploitation plan? To lower American wages? Stop this unethical, & Dangerous Invasion of America! Demand Mexico create a better lifestyle for the Illegal's in MEXICO! This Invasion will, And has ruined America, with the sole burden rested on American Tax payers shoulders!. Shame on this Admin for letting this Invasion occur, with The threat of terrorism higher -- due to our open borders! Uphold the LAW! R.R., Minnesota, 12/02/06
Illegal immigration is destroying this country. It must be stopped NOW! Be it known that We the People will do everything in our power to stop the invasion. T.M., Colorado, 12/02/06
As well, the War on Terrorism is an immigration issue. If we place a moratorium on people from predominately Muslim countries, and revoke the visa's of those already here, citizens need never be in danger from Muslim extremists. It's only logical. S.C., Colorado, 12/02/06
We're not stupid. AMNESTY is all about the NORTH AMERICAN UNION!! G.W., Colorado, 12/02/06
Keep Americans working in America and lets get back to the basics - we are tired of this foreign invasion. J.M., Colorado, 12/02/06
To those of you who are south of the border and hold signs saying "This is not your continent!". My message to you is "Try and take it!!! L.W., Colorado, 12/02/06
Please no Amnesty, English Language and Border Security. R.E., Oregon, 12/01/06
Congress needs to listen to the people that put them in office. R.A., Colorado, 12/01/06
This has got to happen soon or it will be too late. All the polls suggest that Americans overwhelmingly support this effort so why is it not already being done? L.B., Alabama, 11/30/06
I can't believe that we even HAVE to sign a petition to get our Government to enforce our laws. This should NOT even be taking place. I am so disappointed in, NOT only our "so called" Government, but also the American people for their "lack" of interest in this subject. E.T., Virginia, 11/30/06
NO comprehensive Immigration Reform. NO direct line to Amnesty. Make English our official Language. Eliminate the automatic citizenship of the anchor baby. SECURE our borders and ports. M.R., California, 11/30/06
Dear Member of Congress:
There may be times when it's right to bring more foreign-born people into this country but now is not one of them! The number one issue is security and the war on terror. One aspect of this is encouraging a citizenry that's patriotic and understands our history and culture. A society composed of such citizens is more unified and therefore more capable of responding to difficulties that might arise. A society largely composed of people who don't strongly identify with the nation is less a nation and more a mere aggregation of people. There's also the possibility that "foreign workers" could be a literal security threat.

True, we need some immigration, and a positive attitude toward immigrants. But this is no time for a dramatic increase in immigration, regardless of what it is called. M.H., Pennsylvania, 11/29/06

Thank you for helping fight this fight. A.B., Washington, 11/28/06
It's time to actually enforce our immigration laws and kick the ILLEGALS out. R.O., California, 11/28/06
Mr. Bush, What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand????????????????, D.G., Hawaii, 11/28/06
It seems there is more being done to protect illegal aliens. I know first hand how legal honest hard working Americans can be robbed of what they spent decades working for. . . . I agree stop amnesty. J.W., Pennsylvania, 11/28/06
I am against amnesty, because it is making all Americans work for lower wages, we did not send you in as president, for you to give away our United States of America. . . . V.C., Texas, 11/27/06
The law has to be enforced 100% of the time or there is no law!, R.G., Illinois, 11/27/06
We are not gonna take it any more.. D.H., Louisiana, 11/26/06
This is insult to injury. What a follow up to an obvious failure to allow our borders to be defended! Now we are to give alien law breakers more special privileges and further special immune status? M.C., New Mexico, 11/26/06
We must stop the Amnesty! V.E., Utah, 11/26/06
Vote out of office anyone that for amnesty, president Bush, what a joke, I will be voting FOR THE INdEPENDENCE party from now on that right! J.L., Tennessee, 11/26/06
Close the border. Ban all Mexican immigration.(it is dangerously lopsided). Ban all Muslim immigrants (the main source of future terrorism on our soil). Seek immigrants who share our ethnicity and western civilization values AHEAD of those who do not. C.T., Florida, 11/26/06
Dear Congress, As Chief of my People, and one of the First People to live on this land, I am totally against any type of open border policy or Amnesty for people coming here. If someone wants to become an American Citizen let them follow in the footsteps of those who have come here legally !!! I'm also in favor of bringing back Ellis Island, so that those coming can be checked for disease. L.M.M., Massachusetts, 11/25/06
Follow our laws. You want us to. R.B., New Jersey, 11/25/06
The Politicians still haven't learnt anything from the first amnesty in the late 1980's. There were so many fraudulent claims. This is another can of worms that will open up more fraud. Our country doesn't need any burdens. V.A., California, 11/25/06
For Whom It May Apply,

You have been sent to Congress to represent the interests of the People of these united states of America; you have not been sent to line your pockets, or the pockets of whomever it is that you have been bought by.

People who believe in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the founding ideals of this country, by the actions and legislation of Congress, are now deemed terrorists!

This can only be true if those that declare the American People terrorists for believing in the founding documents or our Republic, are the actual enemy of the real American people and are trying to eliminate said founding documents. It appears you've been bribed into allowing this to happen.

Read the Declaration of Independence every morning and then beg the forgiveness of the American People for your treasonous actions. You will be remembered in history for those actions. J.B., California, 11/25/06

It seems to me that any politician who is of Mexican descent or has a Mexican family member has a conflict of interests regarding the Mexican border. It's a wonder to me that no one in the mainstream media or the "resistance" to amnesty has not made this observation. P.C., Arizona, 11/25/06
Stop the amnesty, stop the Muslims, Mexicans, and all non-American people from entering our nation, legally or illegally. The diversification must stop. We are American and I for one am tired of being told that I must "tolerate" the "nons." R.L., Ohio, 11/25/06
There are Americans who will work "minimal" jobs. We don't need illegals taking this from us. K.M., California, 11/25/06
Priorities should be made for the security of this country, not other countries. Boarder control and the reduction of crime that has been long over-looked must occur now. If this isn't done there is no need to worry about Medical Care, Education, Investments or Retirement....we will all be consumed as this world spins out of control. J.L., Minnesota, 11/25/06
This problem is about as sinister as the electronic voting machine problem. J.H., North Carolina, 11/25/06
We must stop illegal immigration and we must not give amnesty to the ones who are here. Politicians must start thinking about what is best for this country, not what is most beneficial to them personally. I am fed up with them. E.N., Georgia, 11/24/06
Our country is worth saving from the invasion of unskilled workers who will try to get better paying jobs as time goes on. We cannot sustain the costs of caring for all of the illegal aliens who come here and take resources, services, and JOBS from unemployed Americans who will do the work! L.P., Virginia, 11/24/06
It is truly disturbing, how illegal immigrants can come into this country, and demand from our government that they be recognized as a legal citizen.

If Americans tried the same thing in Mexico or perhaps Europe, this would be unthinkable. How is it then, that when immigrants come to America they believe they have the right to ignore our laws, customs, and culture, yet, when we want to visit them or live in their country for example, they insist we must respect their laws, customs, and culture. And if we don't, we might find ourselves in jail or big trouble.

How could such a viewpoint even be considered fair, when it favoritism to one side but not to the other?

And to add even more insult to injury, our own government is making us pay for it with increased taxes and other burdens. Do they really believe they can fool us?? It is an insult to every decent citizen. So, with God's grace "Let's take back AMERICA and restore it to what it once was !!!" A Glorious Nation Under God!!!! P.C., Wisconsin, 11/24/06

America is the land of rule by law. Illegal alien amnesty flies in the face of the law and the immigrants who legally became Americans. Illegals do not have desire to assimilate into the American culture. Illegal Immigration is really an invasion of law-breakers and foes hostile to the American way of life. Stop this insanity NOW! R.M., Illinois, 11/24/06
"Overload" article in the Nov.27 New American magazine tells of the disasters on our highways from uninsured illegals. P.C., Michigan, 11/24/06
No Amnesty for Illegal foreigners . Government must enforce the laws of the land or resign your seat in Congress now! C.C., Delaware, 11/23/06
It's time to make the term illegal a responsible approach to our security and welfare. Regardless of what it's called, we can't afford to grant amnesty to law breakers. D.H., South Carolina, 11/23/06
We need to have control of our Country. This great country of the United States need to control its borders. G.G., Florida, 11/23/06
The law is the law. We can not allow such an incredible amount of people to break our immigration laws, and then be rewarded for it. Amnesty in any form for illegal aliens is NOT the answer to this problem. R.M., Michigan, 11/22/06
I would like to know Utah politicians stand on integration and amnesty. M.S., Utah, 11/22/06
We need Border Protection — we don't need a North American Union. C.D., New York, 11/22/06
Please stop the shamnesty! My wife is a legal immigrant and worked hard for 2 1/2 years to enter the country under a work entry. Please keep those who thumb there nose at the law out of the country and illegally filling out jails , taking proceeds defined for others who have and are here legally. C.S., North Carolina, 11/22/06
The best hope we have as individual citizens is to get out of debt as quickly as possible. Cut up your credit cards,get rid of car payments,do not take on any new debt, pay off your homes. Because your country is being sold to the highest bidder. S.S., Tennessee, 11/22/06
This country was founded by "legal" immigrants, not by those that would sneak into our country by disobeying its laws. We should not grant amnesty, provide any kinds of benefits to those whose arrival was deemed "illegal". No food stamps, no medical care no "anchor babies", no educational benefits, no "free" meals for illegals and no access to our social security systems nor its benefits. No guest workers programs with promises of eventual citizenship. Those that would make the benefits available to the illegals should be removed from elected office. B.E., Texas, 11/22/06
Destroying American sovereignty must not, and will not, stand. A.C., Texas, 11/22/06
Keep America free as under our original constitution. Keep english as America's official language. No illegals on USA welfare, social security, no medical, and no amnesty for any illegals. No free schools for illegal's children. E.E., Texas, 11/22/06
Deport illegal aliens; enforce existing laws. Hold those charged with immigration enforcement accountable. Who is in charge here?? V.B., California, 11/21/06
And who would monitor the so-called "guest worker" program? Yes, it would the fools in the federal government - like those who neglected to monitor, apprehend and deport the 9/11 terrorists; whose visas had expired. J.B., Georgia, 11/20/06
Listen to the words of President Theodore Roosevelt: "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." (Jan. 3, 1919). R.L., Florida, 11/20/06
I find it unbelievable that our government has failed for decades to enforce our immigration laws that are currently on the books. Now after millions of illegal aliens have entered here illegally and broken our laws our government wants to give these people a "free ride". The American people have been asking the government do something for many years not amnesty is not what the American people are asking for. SECURE OUR BORDERS, ENFORCE OUR LAWS and DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS NOW! R.B., Arizona, 11/20/06
The American people are overwhelmingly against the amnesty program. There is not one person I have spoken with, and I speak with many each day, that supports it. I cannot understand how this does not resonate with the president and other elected officials that we expect represent our interests as Americans!!! J.W., Virginia, 11/19/06
I am tired of being double crossed by so called conservative republicans. P.B., West Virginia, 11/19/06
It is time that we took our country back and insist that the sovereignty of this nation is protected. D.W., California, 11/18/06
Calling an illegal alien invader an undocumented worker is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest or saying John Malvo, wasn't really an illegal alien sniper but a "Jamaican native practicing unauthorized retroactive birth control." Illegal aliens are not citizens or even good potential citizens. Their very first act in their "new country" is to break the law! Illegal immigration benefits Americans the way treason enhances national security. Arrest and deport all illegal aliens and potential terrorists. R.L., North Carolina, 11/18/06
My heart goes out to those people of other countries whose corrupt governments steal away their lands and livelihoods and lives, at a whim, but there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. And entering a country illegally in order to take advantage of what it has because its government is based upon sound moral laws (or at least it used to be, and in part, still is), is wrong. Go back to your own country and apply for citizenship the right [way]. If America would not just say 'No' to someone just because they are from such and such a country, but would set up an Ellis Island type of center along our Mexican border that would be a go-between station where they could be taught our language, our Constitutional Laws, and a trade skill, such as reading and writing and arithmetic, before accepting them into citizenship, as Americans, not whatever they were from, then things would be better for both of us. C.W., New Jersey, 11/18/06
English is OUR language. We should fly the USA flag....not Mexico. Illegals need to go home and take their "issues" with them...I am weary of us feeding, housing, clothing, schooling and medicating (not to mention birthing). And just because you drop a kid on US soil should not make you a citizen. Americans involved in their illegal entry should be punished for treason...and you need to pay into Social Security before you draw from it....etc...etc P.R., Texas, 11/17/06
I am incensed by the failure of our government to uphold the law. Our boys fight in Iraq to protect them while our own country is overwhelmed with foreign invaders. It is revolting! M.E.B., Massachusetts, 11/17/06
I also want employers of Illegal Aliens to be heavily fined or jail sentences for hiring Illegal Aliens. D.P., Texas, 11/17/06
These people are technically criminals, and criminals should be brought to justice. They are illegal aliens; they do not deserve the status or name of "immigrants" because they are not. I detest what I commonly see in them, the attitude of entitlement. They are deserving of no rights or privileges because they are not citizens of this great country. President Bush will be committing a willful act of injustice if he allows this amnesty of hundreds of thousands of criminals. B.S., California, 11/17/06
If the federal government passes amnesty it will have violated the Guarantee Clause (Article IV, Section 4) of the Constitution and so the States will no longer have an obligation to obey the federal government. S.P., New York, 11/17/06
The border should be enforced -- we are a sovereign nation! As for the people already here, make it undesirable to stay i.e. they cannot send money to their family in Mexico, they cannot receive any tax money (their children cannot got to school, no welfare, no medicaid, etc), they cannot work, and they cannot enter into any type of legal agreement or submit for any government licensing (rent or buy property, buy a car that must be licensed, buy insurance) and their children are not US Citizens (where does the Constitution say that anyway?). When the economic incentives are gone, illegal immigrants will go back to Mexico and get in line to become legal -- all by themselves. C.G., Missouri, 11/17/06
United States CITIZENS are tired of our government pandering to big business. You are destroying the cultural and economic fabric of America. C.Y., North Carolina, 11/17/06
This is the number 1 priority for me and just about all of my friends voting in the next election!!! No amnesty, Border security, and enforcing the laws already on the books!! J.M.S., North Carolina, 11/17/06
The Republicans led by President Bush did not listen to the American people. They arrogantly ignored us when we told them to seal the borders on September 12, 2001. They responded to the militants who marched in our streets on the Communist Holiday of May Day by proposing a "guest worker program" aka. amnesty for illegal aliens. The pro-illegal media wants us to believe that the Republicans were punished on Nov. 7th because of Iraq but that's not the whole truth. The ruling party was punished for not protecting American sovereignty and enforcing American laws. If the new Congress wants to be re-elected in 2008, they had better listen to what Phyllis is telling them. D.J.A., North Carolina, 11/16/06
NO AMNESTY, deport all illegal aliens and their families, no more anchor babies, no more benefits of any kind unless you are a legal American citizen. President Bush has finally completely shown his true colors. He is no more a conservative Republican than I am an elephant! He is a liberal Democrat and I feel he did some of the things he did to make sure Republicans weren't elected in the Congress and Senate. He got what he wanted - his party (Democrat) control over both the house and senate. He's the worst president I've seen in my lifetime - maybe the worst that's ever served in this great country. I will never vote for another Bush. He's slapped the face of the voters that put him in office. If any president deserved to be impeached, it's him. All we can do is pray for American and its citizens. L.M., Texas, 11/16/06
We have reached a turning point in this fight and the very of survival of America as a bastion of freedom is at stake. I hope and pray that its not too late to halt the insanity of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. W.D., Tennessee, 11/16/06
For many years the want ads in TX papers have contained requests for bi-lingual workers. Secretarial positions, legal, finance, banking, medical and dental positions favor Spanish speakers. Most entry level trade positions have been taken by lower-wage Mexican workers, leaving our young men unable to support themselves as they launch into the world. These are not the jobs "Americans won't take" they are the jobs Americans CAN'T apply for". L.S., Texas, 11/16/06
We need to set up mini Ellis Islands for people to come; and they must be sponsored by an American Citizen, or an American Employer. The immigrants coming to our country must also be in good health when they arrive.

The immigrants who come and are accepted as legal residents should be given 7 years legal resident status with the option of applying for American Citizenship, which would include learning English, some form of American History, American Government, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

After the 7 year period is over, the legal immigrant will decide to become an American citizen, or be deported back to country of original origin, including any children they have while here.

If the legal immigrant resident marries an American and has children. the American spouse they marry should be given the option of keeping the children; and then the children could become American citizens without applying for citizenship.

I think this would pressure the legal resident, who would not want to lose their children, to become American citizens in a heartbeat.

If the spouse marry's another immigrant who has legal resident status during their 7 year period and has not become an American citizen after 7 years of residency, both spouse and the children should be returned to the spouses original home of country of their choice.

The key to keeping people from postponing to become American Citizens is to make clear that their children will no longer give either illegal immigrants, or legal status immigrant citizens for 7 years prior to becoming an American Citizen a free pass into the United States with all its benefits while at the same time NOT being loyal to the United States and remaining loyal to their home of original country. B.G., Texas, 11/16/06

Please no Amnesty, we cannot afford to absorb this large population, using our social services benefits & receiving more rights then the citizens of the US. You must fine the Corporations & landlords for assisting the illegals aliens that have come to the US. D.M., Minnesota, 11/14/06
No to any and all guest worker programs and amnesty for illegal aliens. Americans demand you secure our borders and stop the "New Age Slavery". P.H., Florida, 11/12/06
Immigration is good for the Nation, Immigrants built this Nation into what it is today. LEGAL Immigration. All illegal immigrants should be deported including their American born children. No exceptions. Thank you. C.B., Florida, 11/10/06
I am very, very disappointed in Mr. Bush's apparent exuberance at having new partners in congress (the newly elected democratic majority) to help further his amnesty plan for illegal aliens. If this goes forward, the Republicans have seen the last of my donations! R.W., Texas, 11/09/06
There have been major changes in Congress over the last few days, I hope that someone will finally get it: NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS! They are not only taking jobs away from hard working Americans, they are bringing diseases and murdering our citizens!! It is time for a change...either speak English, or get the hell out!! R.H., New York, 11/09/06
Secure the borders first. Enforce the laws we already have especially renting to illegals and hiring illegals. S.P., South Carolina, 11/06/06
We shouldn't have to continually badger our congressmen to do what is right for America! Yet, that is what we have to do. We cannot but fight to preserve America, regardless of how many "elitists" don't approve of its founding principles! Shame, shame on you congressmen who violate your oaths of office!! E.C., Utah, 11/05/06
Amnesty cannot be given to those who have entered our country illegally. C.J., Texas, 11/04/06
We have too many Mexicans here in Oregon taking jobs away from hard working Americans. M.D., Oregon, 11/03/06
Don't add proven lawbreakers to our nation! Amnesty is another "Trojan Horse"!! Protect our country and its values by resisting all financial and emotional pleas. We citizens are counting on you TO DO YOUR JOB! M.D., Massachusetts, 11/03/06
I have lost my State of Arizona. Now I am in Oregon living next door to people who can afford a Condo, I cannot. People are fooling themselves if they do not believe we have lost our country. No to Amnesty! A.H., Oregon, 11/03/06
Enough of this! Letting Illegal Aliens into this country. Shame on you for not doing your jobs. This must stop. Safety is suppose to be your # 1. job for us citizens. J.H., Oregon, 11/02/06
Corrupting the integrity of our Constitution, illegal immigrants in droves, the allowing of "refugees" from Africa (60,000 or more?) who should be taken care of in their country and who won't/can't adapt here, foreign investment/management of American property and outsourcing of jobs and business...these are going to be the end of our country and sovereignty. Globalization will benefit the rest of the world and bring our nation into the gutter. Our leaders should be looking inward instead of outside our borders. Take care of our nation's ills first and become the strong, self-sufficient and proud nation we once were. M.N.T., Texas, 10/31/06
People who break the law are, by definition, guilty of committing a crime, and are thus criminals;they do not deserve, nor have hey earned any consideration toward citizenship or permanent residency. R.K., California, 10/30/06
Enforce our laws and these Illegals will go home. The ones that are embedded we can catch and deport. J.O., Texas, 10/28/06
Do the so-called leaders realize that their grandchildren will not have opportunities like they have had when America merges with Mexico and Canada. I am amazed the multi-national companies do not realize they have made their billions from WE THE PEOPLE(middle class). They certainly have been shortsighted with allowing the illegals into bring us down. L.P., Texas, 10/27/06
Build the fence not just give lip service to the idea. Spend the money now and get the posts in the ground. W.W., California, 10/26/06
GW is going to leave the most rememberable legacy ever when he admits the ILLEGAL as guest workers : stop Look listen We the People Demand you enforce laws against all who employ ILLEGAL aliens; They will go home if they have no JOBS. Republicans, Democrats Be warned a vote for amnesty of any sort is a vote for removal from your office. J.O., Texas, 10/26/06
Will Washington really listen to us? V.W., California, 10/25/06
As an American I can't think of any thing more stupid than to not protect our borders or enforce our immigration laws, in a time of a war on terror. When we know for fact that terrorist and criminals can just walk into our country at will. And in time use false I.D.s to get Amnesty with benefits for breaking our laws. Has any one even thought about the fact that some terrorists are now using Spanish names and their language? Why in the hell are we sending troops over seas if the enemy can walk into our country is beyond me?? A.D., Oregon, 10/25/06
Fed up With Paying to Care For Illegal Aliens. N.C., Indiana, 10/25/06
Also stop the prosecution of border control agents who are doing their job. Since when do illegal immigrants have United States civil rights. Arrest them and send them home !! H.H., Maryland, 10/25/06
No amnesty. C.C., California, 10/22/06
Stop amnesty for illegal aliens. J.G., Florida, 10/21/06
Why should I obey the law (and pay for it) when others do not have to? I have heard of illegals being let go in the court system here! P.P., Virginia, 10/19/06
I do not feel breaking the law should be okay. E.M., Florida, 10/19/06
Wake up President Bush — Its time to stop listening to foreign nationals and start listening to your own people who you swore an oath to defend our borders of which you have done zero up to this point. M.M., Maryland, 10/19/06
Stop Illegals from coming and staying in the US! It is time for Americans to take back their country. Aliens can follow the same procedures my grandparents did for LEGAL citizenship. J.O., Massachusetts, 10/17/06
Representation must be grounded in the voice of the people for this republic to continue as our founding fathers intended. We founded this great nation on the very principle. Hear our voice! J.D., New York, 10/17/06
Require all welfare recipients to perform some function within their capabilities. Close U.S. Borders until illegals can be identified and sent home. Admit limited number of immigrants on a background and justification basis. W.F., New Mexico, 10/15/06
Someone should publicize Mexico's current laws regarding immigration and what happens to people who violate their laws and maybe that will wake everyone up to what is going on regarding all the illegals crossing our borders. A.R., Georgia, 10/14/06
STOP ALL FORMS OF AMNESTY. Rule without respect of persons. Just like when my grandparents came here. Everyone should have the same requirements with disregard of their origins. If you can not make a good law then do not mess up the laws we currently have! Quit selling out! F.G., Missouri, 10/11/06
Please accept my sincere wish that we need to STOP the Amnesty. M.G., Washington, 10/08/06
I am a Republican against the sell out of America by Bush and his cronies and his "in bed" policy with Mexico. R.G., Texas, 10/03/06
I am tired of politicians giving my country away just to get vote or to get rich. T.A., Florida, 10/05/06
I am very much angered by the possibility of amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States of America. C.B., North Dakota, 10/04/06
My community, Manassas, Virginia is literally overrun with illegals: hanging out everywhere, soaking up social services far out of proportion to their numbers, flooding the schools and not paying taxes. It's a rip-off of the middle class! R.Q., Virginia, 10/04/06
Undocumented aliens are never necessary in the United States when millions of tax-paying American citizens are unemployed, underpaid/overworked, etc. D.S., Wisconsin, 10/03/06
How can President Bush declare a war on terror when our borders are wide open. Congress and our Representatives had better wake up and start listening to the public's request for shutting down the borders and Stop Letting Illegal Aliens into this country. C.G., Montana, 10/03/06
No increase in the H-1b visas, yes to the border fence We need to pass HR6095 persecute alien criminals deport gang member and misdemeanor criminals. K.H., Tennessee, 10/03/06
I Saw Phyllis on CSPAN and have seen and heard her before that. What a TRUE lady. I'll be joining the Eagle Forum shortly. Godspeed to The Eagle Forum! B.P., Florida, 10/01/06
I would suggest that you send all illegal aliens back where they came from,immediately. Since you were elected by the people it is in everyones best interest to conduct a full investigation into the Security and Prosperity Partnership and determined what the actual agenda is, and why are we the taxpayers contributing even one cent toward the organizations meetings, personnel or infrastructure of this clan. M.W., Missouri, 9/30/06
Have you seen any quotes by past Presidents of Mexico about the illegal immigration problem? Talk about arrogance! This is also a foreign policy issue, and people need to know this. M.H., Pennsylvania, 9/28/06
How many more innocent people do we have to see murdered at the hands of an illegal alien? J.W., New York, 9/27/06
We should not let people break the law and get away with it while others are working hard to come legally. M.T., Arizona, 9/27/06
Stop the government amnesty scam. N.B., Utah, 9/22/06
Stop Amnesty, stop babies being born here becoming US Citizens when parents are not and make that retroactive, jail employers who hire immigrants who do not come here through the current and legal immigration procedures, stop all government benefits to immigrants who do not come here through the current and legal immigration procedures. We must act before renegade politicians can change the laws so that "illegal" is not applicable any more. S.B., Texas, 9/21/06
Secure our borders and no Amnesty, this whole problem lies with our government by not enforcing our laws.1983 Amnesty was a total failure just like NAFTA. D.A., California, 9/20/06
It's past time to stop the invasion! you people need to listen to those that you represent and send these illegals back where they belong! S.B., Ohio, 9/20/06
I still find it hard to understand how our elected officials can so very easily "SELL US OUT."I can see the danger in the Senates Amnesty proposal and I am not a politician.Certainly the elected officials can see this danger also,so the supposition is that they are determined to do this no matter what.What has blinded them to the fact that they too still live here in America and what affects us affects them. R.J., Ohio, 9/19/06
I'm especially against H-1B, L1, and the proposed 'SKIL' bill. I've read too many stories of Americans forced to train their foreign worker replacements the last few years. M.F., New Jersey, 9/19/06
Close the borders first, vote out anyone that for amnesty ,I mean just that. our republic as we have known for years is coming apart at the seams, we need a big change in DC. J. L., Tennessee, 9/16/06
I do not support amnesty for millions of Illegal criminals. These people are not immigrants, they are coming in to this country by the millions only to take advantage of our citizens and our tax payers, only to stomp on our flag and return to their own country. where they will live out their lives on money they earned from the American people. Amnesty is a travesty and should be stopped dead in its tracks. R.J., Indiana, 9/14/06
Really can't understand why lawmakers cannot understand the definition of "illegal" and enforce it! - Instead of offering excuses why it is unenforceable. - seems like it worked when my grandparents and parents-in-law immigrated.

This is the US and For those who want to BECOME Proud US God Fearing Citizens. If they like their former country then stay there! Otherwise learn English and Adopt this country - not just the benefits of the welfare!

Excuses for being Illegal are still Illegal - sorry your children may have to pay for your crimes also!

NO AMNESTY!!! W.M.M., Iowa, 9/13/06

Absolutely ridiculous! D.E., Indiana, 9/13/06
For me this issue feel as though we are being sold into illegal immigration slavery! We are being forced to deny our constitutional rights as CITIZENS to accept from our government who have been sworn to PROTECT our constitution, this rape, and I do mean rape in it's base form of the word, of our rights, and welfare. J.D., Wisconsin, 9/08/06
Stop the invasion! G.A., California, 9/08/06
Please don't give these people amnesty all it will do is attract more people over here illegally. J.D., Iowa, 8/30/06
Send the illegals back to their home countries ASAP march them there is need be. Tell them to come back when they have followed the proper procedures. F.R., Utah, 8/29/06
We must save our country and our culture. We owe it to our forefathers and our children's children. REVOLUTION - IF WE MUST!!!! J.M., New York, 8/29/06
It is time that Americans take back their country. Close the borders and send them all back where they came from. Our government won't be happy until there is another 9/11. After all, it is no longer just a Mexican problem as individuals from the Middle East have also been picked up at the border. Do you really think they are crossing over to find cheap employment?" It is time to WAKE UP AND DEPORT ALL OF THEM!! J.R., Florida, 8/29/06
We need to send all of the illegal aliens home. The longer you wait we have thousands of more coming across the border. They are people of violence and rape, murder and they all want Americans to take care of them. You say we are a country of immigrants but first and most important we are a country of Americans.Instead of trashing our country they need to go back across the border and take care of their country.They come right out and tell us they are going to take America over. So that makes me wonder who of our politicians are in bed with Fox, we already know our President is. They must not be allowed to ruin our country. Why would we have to learn Spanish to communicate with them. If it is so important for them to be here why are they walking on our flag and refusing to learn English. Well I could go on and on about this. Bottom line, send them back and prove you are an American and that you care more about these law breaking illegal aliens. Why don't you fire the illegal aliens you have working for you. F.S., Kansas, 8/26/06
I am fed up with the term "illegal". If its illegal, lets do something about protecting our country from the "lawless" D.N., Texas, 8/26/06
NO Amnesty. Secure the Borders and start the deportations. A.A., Florida, 8/25/06
Instead of amnesty for illegals, let us start enforcing the laws already on our books! M.J., Florida, 8/25/06
Why is the government allowing America to be destroyed by illegal immigration and all the ramifications resulting from it?? C.B., Ohio, 8/23/06
Please help fight Bush, plan for amnesty. enforce our laws. D.C., Florida, 8/22/06
After examining the prucol system, there are already plenty of programs here in the united states granting amnesties every day. The amnesty on top of the amnesty system. I hope people will find out about the prucol system, it will greatly change their minds. Keep up the excellent work. T.J., California, 8/18/06

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