Capitol Hill Report — 5/22/17

Eagle Forum’s D.C. Directors Colleen Holmes Holcomb and Tabitha Walter, with former Director, Glyn Wright McKay, met with one of the best on the Hill – our good friend, Cong. Dave Brat this week along with other Members and their … Continue reading

Capitol Hill Report — 5/05/17

May 5, 2017 Hitting the Ground Running This week began my orientation to Eagle Forum.  Colleen Holcomb kindly introduced me to key players in the movement who have been long-standing Eagle Forum supporters.  They were more than willing to catch … Continue reading

Supreme Court Update

Legislative Alerts

June 30, 2014 Supreme Court Update The Supreme Court has ended its term by handing conservatives several qualified but important victories. In the areas of religious freedom, public-sector unionism, the pro-life movement, and executive overreach, the court dealt significant blows … Continue reading

Religious Freedom: Oral Arguments TODAY in SCOTUS

Religious Freedom: Oral Arguments in SCOTUS March 25, 2014 Every significant issue is now being defined and decided by the courts. Abortion, government-run healthcare, same-sex marriage, pornography, and the censorship of prayer and Christianity in schools have all been unleashed … Continue reading