March 7, 2017

Ethan Rush, president of Missouri Eagle Forum, announces that Anne Gassel is the new legislative director for Missouri Eagle Forum.

Anne Gassel is a graduate of Northwestern University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication. Her family moved to West St Louis county 13 years ago. She has been a co-editor on MissouriEducationWatchdog blog, writing about education, for five years. She is one of the founders of the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core and a member of Truth In American Education which fights Common Core State Standards on a national level. In Missouri, she worked on the passage of HB1490 which has started to return local control of education standards to the state and continues to lobby the legislature to pass laws affirming parents right to control their children’s education.  As a plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging Missouri’s participation in the multi-state K-12 testing consortia SBAC, she helped save the citizens of Missouri $26 million when the court ruled the consortia an unconstitutional interstate compact and barred membership payments to SBAC. Anne is a former Republican Committeewoman, Director of the St. Louis Vacation Liberty School and Associate Director for the Engine Manufacturers Association. She ran for State Representative in 2016. Anne has been married to her husband Matt for 23 years and has two children in college.

“Anne Gassell is a bright, dedicated activist who has spent more than a decade on the front lines of the conservative movement,” said Rush. “We look forward to Anne bringing her passion for our nation’s founding principles, conservative values, and her dedication to hard work to the Missouri Eagle Forum.”

Missouri Eagle Forum is the state affiliate of Eagle Forum, a national, conservative, pro-family organization founded in 1975 by Phyllis Schlafly.

For more information, contact Ethan Rush at 314-984-9600.