Eagle Forum Fights to Stop Supremacist Judges, Defend Marriage

Eagle Forum Fights to Stop
Supremacist Judges, Defend Marriage

Amicus Brief in Alabama Case Challenges Activist Judges
Who Ignore the Will of the People

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 18, 2015

St. Louis, MO: Today, Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund and Eagle Forum of Alabama Education Fund filed an amicus curiae brief in the Alabama Supreme Court to support the state’s laws protecting traditional marriage. This brief discourages the Court from recognizing and allowing this blatant activism from the bench by probate judges.

“Our American way of life is threatened by supremacist judges who push their same-sex marriage agenda against the will of ‘we the people’ and our Constitution,” said Phyllis Schlafly, CEO of Eagle Forum. “We are proud to file our ‘friend of the court’ brief to make clear that the law is on the side of the citizens of Alabama and to indicate support for the views of Constitutionalist judges like Chief Justice Roy Moore and others like him.”

Eagle Forum has been a tireless voice in defense of the family, both at the national level and through the Eagle Forum grassroots-led state chapters. Once again, Eagle Forum is taking a stand to defend traditional marriage by encouraging the Alabama Supreme Court to reject this reckless judicial activism and honor state laws respecting traditional marriage. Justice Moore’s court is the only thing standing between the will of Alabama voters and out-of-control judicial supremacists.