Capitol Hill Reports

Vote Tuesday. Get your family and friends to the polls. Every vote counts. November 2, 2018 Vote for Liberty! The midterm election will significantly impact America’s future in freedom.  Next Tuesday will decide whether the many, already incredibly successful policies set in motion under President Trump will continue or whether they collapse under the weight of a new Congressional majority bent on removing Trump from office and implementing their radical, socialist, anti-freedom agenda. President Trump’s anticipated executive order to reinforce border security, put some integrity back into our immigration system, and ... Read more

Confronting the Left’s Incivility CAPITOL HILL REPORT Don’t Let Bullies Suppress Our Free Speech October 13, 2018 After weeks of the Democrats waging war on the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh, he was confirmed 50-48 mostly along party lines. The confirmation came a week later than planned after an FBI investigation was called. The investigation found nothing new, but gave Senators who were on the fence the extra motivation they needed to vote for him. The fanfare is not over yet, though. Democrats have no plans of ... Read more

The Feminist Path to Destruction CAPITOL HILL REPORT The Feminist Path to Destruction October 5, 2018 We have seen first-hand over the last couple of weeks how destructive the Left can be. Democrats and the media have waged an attack on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. The damage is not just done to him and his family however; it has caused chaos throughout the entire nation. Last week, we watched Democrats dangle Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, in front of the nation ... Read more

The Failed Budget Continues to Move CAPITOL HILL REPORT The Failed Budget Continues to Move September 21, 2018 While everyone is distracted by the Democrat obstruction of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Senate has passed a spending bill strangely similar to the last Omnibus, but by another name. Leadership is calling this bill a “minibus” with a continuing resolution (CR) attached. The minibus includes bills to fund Labor, Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense, the Department of Education. The CR would ... Read more

Medicare for All Means Freedom for None CAPITOL HILL REPORT Medicare for All Means Freedom for None September 16, 2018 Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) introduced his Medicare for All Act (S. 1804) last year, but Democrat campaigns have recently ramped up support for it. This single-payer healthcare system idea is hitting a note with the public. A Reuters-Ipsos survey found that 70% of Americans support a Medicare for all policy. Of this percentage, 85% were Democrats while 52% were Republicans. These numbers are extremely troubling ... Read more

Congress is Funding Planned Parenthood and Not Funding the Wall CAPITOL HILL REPORT Congress is Funding Planned Parenthood and Not Funding the Wall September 7, 2018 The House came back into session this week after a long five-week break. The first thing on their agenda is to fund the government before the September 30th deadline. Since they have already passed 7 of the 12 bills needed to do so, and the Senate has passed 9 of the 12 bills, you would think that this would be a task ... Read more

Senate Fails to Stop $500 million to Planned Parenthood CAPITOL HILL REPORT Senate Fails to Stop $500 million to Planned Parenthood September 2, 2018 As the Senate has been working through August recess, a top priority has been crafting a spending package. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) saw this as a perfect opportunity to defend the lives of the unborn. Last Thursday, he introduced an amendment that would specifically defund Planned Parenthood which received over $500 million of taxpayer money in 2017 alone from the federal government. The ... Read more

Religious Liberty Upheld by Department of Labor August 20, 2018 A Win for Faith and the First Amendment The Department of Labor issued a directive that protects the religious freedoms of government contractors who disagree with same-sex marriage. The Trump administration has publicly declared to hold their staff accountable to defend the religious rights of organizations. Former President George W. Bush issued an executive order in 2002 that established a framework for faith-based contractors seeking contracts with the federal government. After former President Obama took office, he ... Read more

Would Federally Paid Family Leave Be An Entitlement Program? August 18, 2018 Since the election of President Trump, his daughter, Ivanka Trump, has made paid maternity and family leave a priority of the administration. This has been evident in many of Ivanka’s speeches as well as the President’s White House budget. While this can certainly be appealing, the facts say that it will be more harmful than helpful. Although the United States does not have a federally paid family leave policy, it already has the 1993 ... Read more

End DACA and Secure the Border August 11, 2018 Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security released its FY2017 Entry/Exit Overstay Report which tallies up the number of illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. Nearly 702,000 people overstayed their allotted time and are currently in the United States illegally. This is an increase from the previous year where over 526,000 illegal immigrants overstayed. The group that had the highest rate of overstays were exchange students totaling 68,983 current illegal ... Read more

What Can We Do About Roe v. Wade? August 5, 2018 With a new Supreme Court nominee on the docket, one of the biggest questions from both the right and the left is, “Will Brett Kavanaugh overturn Roe v. Wade?” Liberals have used this question to strike fear among their base while Conservatives have used it to conjure up hope to protect the unborn. However, Republicans have opportunities to scale back this law while waiting on a full repeal. One of the biggest ways to ... Read more

Dangers of Allowing the Workforce to Control Education July 28, 2018 The Hidden Dangers of Allowing the Workforce to Control Education President Trump has been very successful in creating jobs and boosting our economy. In fact, a report earlier this month showed that 3.4 million jobs have been created since election day. Now, there is a push to fill those jobs. The President has issued a proposal and an Executive Order in an attempt to remedy that issue, however, there are hidden dangers that could have ... Read more