October 2014

Dear Friend,

There are several important races in Iowa this year, but the U.S. Senate election is at the top of the ballot. With control of the Senate at stake, it is important for Iowans to know that Bruce Braley will be a rubber-stamp for the Obama agenda. We must stop him.

We know what kind of senator Bruce Braley would be because of his record in the House of Representatives. He scored a 0 on the Eagle Forum congressional scoreboard for the 113th Congress. Braley opposes popular pro-life measures like a ban on taxpayer funding on abortions and prohibiting abortions after twenty weeks when we know unborn babies can feel pain. He has no interest in securing our border. Instead of working to oppose Obamacare, he praises it as “good for Iowa.”

Under Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Senate is not functioning as a legislative body but as a rubber-stamp for the radical Obama agenda that includes amnesty for illegals, radical judges who legislate from the bench, and continued overreach into the lives of the American people. If Bruce Braley gets a promotion to the Senate, he will take his marching orders from Obama and Reid, not the people of Iowa.

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The future of America depends on the choices made at the ballot box on Tuesday, November 4th. Make sure Bruce Braley doesn’t get to the Senate, so we can begin to restore the nation Barack Obama and Harry Reid are trying to ruin.


Phyllis Schlafly